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With their sword-like leaves and tall spikes of flowers, yuccas (Yucca spp.) By Othessonce on April 3, 2018 Introduce a spectacular, tropical result right into a landscaping by including a delicate leaf yucca (Yucca recurvifolia). We Think You'll Really Dig It. In the late spring it sends up a bloom stalk with white bell-shaped flowers. Pendulous, cream-colored bloom stalks appear in summer. If the whole yucca leaf has turned brown, the whole leaf may be removed. Yucca, Softleaf. For a balanced development, it is best to position the the Yucca elephantipes in a place … Plant name: Soft leaf yucca (Yucca recurvifolia). Most of the other plants are smaller shrubs or groundcover-type perennials: some are evergreen, some are herbaceous perennials, and a couple are annuals. The yucca plant is a relatively low-maintenance plant and, luckily, that usually extends to pest problems. Much like Y. aloifolia generally with multiple chunks to 10 ft tall. Fill in around the sides of the root ball. Soft-leaf Yucca. A specimen plant used for the architectural value of its leaf clusters, sprouting from upright or branched trunks of varying height. Create a shallow berm around the edges of the hole with the left-over soil so the plant can be watered. Pendulous Yucca, Weeping Yucca, Mound Lily. If your yucca plants have grown too large for their space, you can cut them back while still maintaining their beauty. Jul 1, 2016 - picture of soft leaf yucca plant - - Image Results Yucca pendula, or Soft leaf yucca, produces linear deep blue-green leaves that have a similar appearance to iris leaves; creating striking foliage contrast in the landscape. Introduce a dramatic, tropical effect into a landscaping by adding a soft leaf yucca (Yucca recurvifolia). 31 Synonyms: Yucca gloriosa forma recurvifolia (Salisbury) Voss, Vilmorin Blumengarten (ed. Gardening in the Desert: A Guide to Plant Selection & Care; Mary Irish. It tolerates more moisture than most xeric plants; however, it’s not the best yucca for full-scorch locations. Yucca is a North American native, a flowering plant that acts like a large shrub or small tree. Chaney graduated from the University of Arizona in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Yucca recurvifolia Salisbury Yucca recurvifolia Salisb. One problem in caring for yucca plants that indoor owners have that outdoor owners generally do not is that indoor plants can grow too tall. A wondrous 3 ft tall flower spike burst forth with masses of pendent bell shaped white flowers typically blooming late summer. Let me help you with that: the Soft Leaf Yucca. Time the planting in spring or early summer if possible. good green color lends well with lush, tropical looking plants. Pendulous, cream-colored bloom stalks appear in summer. Yucca trees are low maintenance and easily adaptable, making them widely popular houseplants. Yucca Plant With Rotting Stems. If a larger size is desired, consider having it professionally installed. As far as houseplants go, yucca probably eclipsed by the similar-looking Dracaena genus, which is often mistaken for yucca. Soft Leaf Yucca. Yucca Plant Climate and Sunlight Requirements. Thanks for any help. Some other Yucca plant diseases are given in the following paragraphs. Soft Leaf Yucca do well in dry soil and are very drought resistant. Huge head of white blooms on 3- to 5-foot stalks. Native to southeastern U.S., northern Mexico. Easy garden plant but over watering my produce clack areas on leaf margins. They are, however, interesting and slow-growing houseplants that have the added benefit of being extremely drought tolerant. Also known as weeping yucca or pendulous yucca, these common names refer to the downward-curving leaves which lend a graceful aspect. They need to be trimmed back. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Curve Leaf Yucca, Pendulous Yucca, Weeping Yucca, Spanish Dagger, Moundlily Yucca, Soft Tipped Yucca (Yucca gloriosa var. Pruning yucca plants is a quick and simple process. The spots are generally of 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter with a purple border. How do I divide the pup from the parent plant without digging the whole thing up. Multi-branched with bluish green leaves and white cluster flowers. For an eye-catching focal point in landscaping, choose one of the variegated-leaf forms of soft leaf yucca. What Are the Steps in Transplanting a Plant From a Pot to the Ground? "Margaritaville" has white stripes. Will bloom late summer. ... About This Plant. If necessary, create a slope by adding or subtracting soil. Broad spiked leaves form a uniformly spaced pin cushion shaped ground growing mound. : tab. The best way to Plant Soft Leaf Yucca. Add 3 feet around the entire plant to allow for access to prune dead leaves, unwanted side branches and spent flower stalks. Needs moderate water; too much moisture may produce black areas on leaf … Soft Leaf Yucca Gloriosa. Water the plant weekly to every other week initially, depending on the weather, to establish its root system. Introduce a dramatic, tropical effect into a landscaping by adding a soft leaf yucca (Yucca recurvifolia). An excellent accent is useful around pools. Soft-Leaved Yuccas are happy in full sun or part shade. The yucca plant is a popular indoor and outdoor plant. Century Yucca ... as a result of a lack of acclimatization. Fertilizing Yucca recurvifolia is usually not necessary. These plants are native to the southeastern United States and do well in Sunset's Climate Zones 7-10 and 12-24. In my experience, this is one yucca that can be successfully transplanted from the wild. Blooms are white, numerous on a stalk 2' to 5' tall. An evergreen mound lily, with soft bluish weeping foliage that can be used around walkways in gardens. This plant doesn’t get pests very often and, when it does, it is usually an easy fix. The Soft Leaf Yucca is a stately specimen. Purchase or obtain a small-sized Yucca recurvifolia, ideally 1 to 5 gallon size. Evergreen. Chaney also writes poetry, which has appears in "Woman's World" magazine and elsewhere. I have a soft leaf yucca that bloomed all the way through December, and has just started putting on new growth in the center of the main stalk. Leaf edge are roughly toothed, but leaf tips are soft. You will need to determine if the yucca plant is still alive. These spots on the leaf first appears as tiny clear zones in older leaves. This Hill Country endemic can grow and bloom just fine in shady areas under live oaks. Full sun. Put on gardening gloves and remove the plant from its pot. Although native to desert climates, their hardiness and size have made them popular landscaping plants in other regions. How to Plant Soft Leaf Yucca. Butterfly weed (Ascepius tuberosa) Flame acanthus (Anisacanthus quadrifidus) Cigar plant (Cuphea micropetala) Japanese Barberry ‘Roseglow’ (Berberis thunbergii) make a dramatic addition to the garden. Good green color blends well with tropical-looking, lush plants. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant's root ball with a rounded-nose shovel. Botanical Name Yucca recurvifolia Description Lance-shaped leaves have an arching, drooping habit. Good heat and drought tolerance. Yucca plants have tall blooming spikes and broad, sword-like leaves. Soft leaf yuccas can also be used as decorative container plants when they are young. Sign up to receive special offers, expert advice and tips to transform your yard into a landscape showplace! Plants have large, stiff, and sword like rosette leaves, are a genus of perennial trees and shrubs from the family Asparagaceae, and are contained within the subfamily Agavoideae. I planted the Soft Leaf Yucca, Yucca recurvifolia and the Red Yucca, Hesperaloe parviflora as anchor plants in this bed because they are both evergreen and grow to respectable sizes. Beginning in early August, this poor thing developed spots on its straps, which quickly spread, rendering each strap a mottled mess, which then died. Summer bloom. Over time, most species of yucca will grow into room-devouring monsters, but this takes long enough that they provide years of durabl… This photo is of a cultivated plant at Budapest Botanical Garden in Hungary, Photo by Andrew Treer, Budapest ©1999-2008. Overall, the leaves of soft leaf yucca are much softer than other yuccas; but they still produce a sharp point at the terminal of each leaf. Brown Spots. White flowers bloom on tall stems in summer. It tolerates more moisture than most xeric plants; however, it’s not the best yucca for full-scorch locations. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture: February 2009 Plant of the Month--Yucca! Leaf points will no penetrate skin. Also good for pots. Large clusters of white flowers appear on the tree in late spring and summer. The Soft Leaf Yucca forms very attractive, strap-like leaves and is evergreen. Dark to blue-green leaves, sharply bent downwards with pointed tips, 2 1/2' long and 2" wide. How to Plant & Care for Mammoth Elephant Ears, University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension Service: Yucca recurvifolia, Yudu: New Sunset Western Garden Book galley, Plant Lust: Yucca recurvifolia 'Gold Ribbons'. The blueish-green flat leaves have a sharp tip, and grow up to three feet in length, bending downward over time. As they mature they grow upright, and make interesting feature plants for year round colour in the garden. Her horticultural experience working in the nursery industry informs her garden articles, especially those dealing with arid landscaping and drought-tolerant gardening. Lond. Reaching mature size around 4 feet by 4 feet with 3 12 inch wide leaves. Inspect the site to make sure the plant is not in a depression. An evergreen mound lily, with soft bluish weeping foliage that can be used around walkways in gardens. 5. Not dangerously sharp. Backfill the bottom of the planting hole so the soil level remains the same as when the plant was in the pot, allowing for space left for a watering basin around the plant. Yucca recurvifolia Salisbury: Common Name: Curve Leaf Yucca; Soft Leaf Yucca: Habitat: ** Associated Ecological Communities: ** Growth Habit: ** Duration: ** Category: Vascular: USDA Symbol: YURE2: Plant Notes: Mound-Lily Yucca is a native tree-like or shrub-like perennial with a fibrous trunk. So, when replacing an indoor yucca plant to an outdoor location, do it gradually over the course of a week so the plant gets a little time to adjust. Leaf points are soft and will not penetrate skin. Since leaves are not stiff and erect, the sharp-pointed tips aren't as likely to cause injury. Yucca Pendula. Yucca plants grow naturally in harsh, dry climates with ample sunshine and minimal water. Yucca Pendula/Soft Leaf. Cathryn Chaney has worked as a gardening writer since 2002. The twist-leaf yucca (Yucca rupicola) is low-growing with “soft” twisting leaves. Water the plant occasionally if there are extended periods of hot dry summer weather. Type of plant: Succulent perennial. With over 50 different species, your initial uncertainty is understandable. USDA Hardiness Zone: 7-9. There is a small chance that your yucca can die from a pest infestation but that chance is low. Occasional grooming to remove spent foliage. How to Prune Yucca Plants. Plant is usually stemless in youth. Yucca desmetiana ‘Soft leaf Yucca’ Also known as ‘Spellbound Yucca’, they are interesting Yuccas with soft leaves that feature purple and green foliage. Also Known As: Weeping Yucca, Pendulous Yucca Botanical Name: Yucca recurvifolia Plant Type: Shrub Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial Shade Water Demand: Low Landscape Use: Screen - Physical (e.g., barriers), Focal Point/Specimen Plant, Rock Garden, Deer Resistant, Salt Tolerant Ornamental Value: White Native/Adapted: Adapted Wildlife Value: The huge head of white blooms on the Soft Leaf Yucca can be 3-5 ft. tall. Locate a spot that will have full sun and good soil drainage. You can buy your Soft Leaf Yucca plants from the TyTy Nursery today! Check for overhead wires or nearby structures that might be impacted by the plant. 1807, Parad. Appearance of brown spots on the leaves is among one of the most common problems. Yucca, Weeping Yucca, Soft Leaf Yucca recurvifolia A naturalized Texas shrub with excellent tolerance to hot and dry climates. Measure the area to make sure it can accommodate a plant 6 feet tall — up to 9 feet when flowering — and 5 feet wide. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Nevada Gardener's Guide; Linn Mills, Dick Post. It is in the Century-Plant family (Agavaceae). Moderate grower, trunk-like stems to 6 … Although juvenile Yucca plants are fragile and susceptible to weather and atmosphere, adult Yuccas are hardy plants that can survive in … Soft leaf yucca (Yucca recurvifolia) Twisted leaf yucca (Yucca rupicola) Pale leaf yucca (Yucca pallida) Plants for Wayback Near the Vegetables and Herbs. Instead of long erect swords for leaves, the Soft Leaf Yucca (Yucca recurvifolia) has well, a softer look with its downward curving leaves earning it the names Curved-leaf Yucca, Weeping Yucca, and Pendulous Yucca. By GardenStyle. Also called weeping pendulous or yucca yucca, these names refer to the downward- . How to Treat Rust Disease in Dianella or Flax Lily Plants. Tolerant of heat and part shade. Soft leaf yucca is not as drought tolerant as yuccas native to desert areas of the United States. Much like Yucca aloifolia; generally multitrunked to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Often, freeze damage will make the stems go soft and the yucca plant may lean or fall over. However, it's also put out a "pup" on the side. Soft tip yucca. Freeze damage and snow damage on a yucca is more difficult to deal with. Varieties "Banana Split" and "Gold Ribbons" have yellow leaf stripes. Attractive, recurving strap-like leaves form bold rosettes; an evergreen perennial. Generally with a single trunk, but can produce offshoots with age. If you kill a yucca, it's probably due to overwatering. This is the result of over watering a Soft-leaf Yucca,Yucca recurvifolia, compliments of a neighbor who is an enthusiastic St. Augustine lawn waterer. CURVE LEAF SOFT LEAF YUCCA WEEPING YUCCA. Place the yucca in the hole and orient it to be upright and straight in the hole. The New Sunset Western Gardening Book characterizes this yucca as "easy to grow under all garden conditions.".

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