agave tequilana bloom

I’m sure it will be many years before I have the experience, but I can quite imagine the bittersweet in the advent of an agave bloom.  www.debraleebaldwin.comÂ. It is your trophy! Thanks Debra! Debra. It was kept in the porch. Is my beautiful plant going to die after this bloom process? And I just want to be sure what you are telling me. It does take between 10 and 25 years for the plant to bloom, though. The plant is in my neighbors yard and I told her what the plant was. Agave Agavengewächs. She grew up in Southern California on an avocado ranch, speaks conversational Spanish, and at age 18 graduated magna cum laude from USIU with a degree in English Literature. Tequila 100% Agave ou Mixto, faites votre choix sur This is Agave tequilana —the agave tequila is made from. Once it’s done blooming my plan is to cut, dry and preserve it and use it like a “sculpture” in my livingroom. There is one leaf that has not yet unfurled and another “leafy spike” that will be the central rosette of the plant. Join Me in Celebrating the Joy of Succulents! Yes, your attenuatas will die after blooming. All the spikes were stuck together. thank you for an informative post – I’m going to take the water off of the other agaves in the yard. I’ve never heard of the term “monocarpic”. Thank you, Jane. They’re generally fine in high heat and hot sun, though they like some afternoon shade in desert gardens. I was thrilled! I have pictures if you want to see them. A friend has a party whenever one of his big agaves blooms. Unfortunately, no. Maybe I’ll ask some of the pros at the Cactus & Succulent Society show next week. This is bizarre on so many levels but thanks for the education. 9 5 3. As the mother agave dies, it can no longer support its towering stalk.  When this topples, it efficiently propells the offspring to the earth. I have this plant purchased in ’98 when very young. This could take a while! Produces numerous, 4’ to 6’ long, rigidly upright held, lance shaped leaves that are about 4” wide and are blue-grey to blue-silver in color. After all, you and your guests aren’t likely to see such an event again (in your garden) for at least another 14 years. Loved this post! Succulent Agave Plant. The attenuata spike is lovely, but they are all striking. Agave tequilana or Agave tequilana var. I’m sure the chances of getting two blooms in as many years is quite slim, so we are definitely celebrating around here! azul is used in the production of tequila. Alas, Agave attenuata is the most frost-tender agave that I know of. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana should be OK for you in full sun and is excellent for adding floral color, but consider it an annual. I had no idea what it was but during this time it died, grew bacj, I relocated it at which time I harvested 2 babies attached to roots. They are all stunning photos. 🙂 I love the fact that many of your pictures were taken right here in San Diego. Thanks for sharing, (and my condolences on the blooming and mortality of your agave…), Hi, Jodi — Some agaves you might be able to grow: Agave parryi (hardy to minus 20 degrees), Agave gentrii (5 degrees), Agave neomexicana (minus 20), and Agave havardiana (minus 10). When it started forming a bloom spike, I realized the topic would make a good photo essay, so I went back through my photo files and pulled examples from gardens I’ve visited. Apple Valley ca. … The key is to know your garden’s microclimates—it might do really well for you, for example, planted against a wall of your house. Never have had agave. And the photographs are also good and goodly informative. It’s also the most frost tender agave, so planting it beneath a lacy tree will protect it from cold. Debra's YouTube channel has had over 3,000,000 views. It is a medium-sized Agave that forms spreading rosettes with thin, rigid and blue green leaves. I don’ t want to leave it this way if that will hurt the plant. Award-winning garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin authored Designing with Succulents, Succulent Container Gardens, and Succulents Simplified, all Timber Press bestsellers. When an agave flowers, it is not a happy event, unless you’ve been waiting forever to collect its offspring. They are now all curved over and have shed the bulk of their dried flower stems. Explore Kelley Macdonald's photos on Flickr. Agave Cactus Leaves. Beautiful post! Seed pods (hundreds) are still plump and green and I don’t want to hurt them by cutting the stalk too early. Agave americana‘s stalk is about the diameter of a telephone pole and nearly as tall. The drooping, lifeless leaves of this bloomed-out specimen have been trimmed to a pineapple-like trunk. Les feuilles sont caractérisées par un épiderme pruiné, extrêmement bleu, d’où son nom d’agave bleu. Do you think that I could safely grow Agave attenuata (my favorite) without sun damage? That Agave potatorum is beautiful, what a lovely shot. We are lucky: when our very large agave bloomed 6 years ago we cut off the flower spike (after the flowers had developed) and the parent lived! Hi, Les — It was probably Agave parryi, which resembles a large (4-feet diameter) gray artichoke. But it is fascinating to watch it bloom. It is about 11’ tall now with white tree like blooms toward the top. sheesh. The blooms are definitely a mixed blessing. She must have been about five of six years old when I planted her five years ago. Agave tequilana, l’agave à tequila ou agave bleu est une plante succulente appartenant à la famille des Agavacées, proches des Dasylirion et des Sanseveria. Debra. the flower stems we cut up and placed in vases indoors. the spikes are slightly separated. wE’VE BEEN TOLD OUR PLANT IS A “CENTURY PLANT.” tHANK YOU FOR YOUR INFORMATIVE WEBSITE! Thank you. And of course, don’t plant agaves near walkways, dog runs or play areas! Do I have to dig out the original “mother” plant after the stalk dies off? Agaves are monocarpic, meaning they die after flowering. Thank you. In my own garden, I haven’t had any long enough to bloom yet. I live in the Los Angeles area and have an agave attenuata Blue Boy that is currently producing a flower stalk (about 4 feet now). Agave angustifolia is widely used in the production of mezcal and pulque, though at least 10 other Agave species are also known to be used for this. My agave plant just started blooming a stalk out of the center and I didn’t know what was happening so I started researching and found out it does this only once in its life time and will die after. Debra and husband Jeff live in the foothills north of San Diego. I just went to a talk about cultivated agaves the other day. It has many smaller plants around it and they are too becoming much bigger now. We admired the architectural symmetry of this plant. Wish i could figure out how to post a photo. When the spike emerges from the center of the agave rosette, it resembles an asparagus spear. The blossoms on the bloom spike form bulbous little plants. 18′ tall and the arms are beginning to reach out. Les feuilles renferment des fibres très solides, utilisées pour faire des vêtements ou des cordes. I love it and wouldn’t want it to die after having it so long. It helps me to remember the species name by imagining little potatoes skewered on the tips. They are just amazing. For instance, the Blue Agave it’s used as one of the main ingredients in Tequilla. Plants that have had their stalks remove… Agave pumila ou Agave pumila var nana est une plante succulente de la famille des Agavac�es ou Asparagac�es. Patricia. Hi, Diana — Wow, five?? Yours is an incredible garden… are these plants from your collection minus the one by the ocean? Cactus Succulent Flora. Tequila Graines 20 pcs Agave Tequilana Tequila Agave exotique de graines de plantes artificielles pour maison Plante. It gets over 100 for a few days each year, but I didn’t loose anything in the 2007 freeze. Rich Agave Succulent Plant. La rosette de feuilles croît une dizaine d’années avant d’être capable de fleurir. A specific type of agave is used to make tequila. Agaves are nothing if not determined to reproduce. Apparently some cultures in AZ/NM grew them as crop plants but the tradition was lost about 500 years ago. and putting a very small amount of tension on the stalk so that it will fall in the yard and spread its little babies, how long after the tall stalk of the plant starts , does it take for the full bloom to appear. Now I’m glad I kept all the babies and will make an agave garden in the back corner of my property so they all can bloom! L’ancêtre de la tequila (par habitude, j’utilise le féminin, mais on peut aussi dire « le tequila », les 2 usages semblent être tolérés) aurait été inventé par les aztèques qui consommaient alors la sève d’agave fermentée qu’ils appelaient pulque. It’s hard to imagine a world without honey, cane sugar, syrup or other sweeteners, which are so prevalent in what we eat today. Agave are like roses and orchids, I would love to have a collection of them! That´s an informative efficiency of 4/28 = 1/7 = 14 %, a very high rate compared with the average informative learning in The Internet; when searching for unknown matters with Google; which is about 1 % in my own experience. I planted 1 inground 1 in a pot. I always admire them when I see them in warmer climates–living sculpture in the garden. If this lets me send photos I’ll put some great agaves. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas. Well, much to my joy, today, 10/9/09, I discovered an asparagus-like stem in the middle starting to emerge! I plan to plant them all. I don’t have any here although they probably would grow fine in TN. I’m waiting to watch the final process take place. The plants are caredfor in vast fields for about six to ten years before they are ready to harvest. I enjoyed these beautiful photos and such an informative post about Agave very much, and thank you! Aloe typically have thicker, more fleshy leaves than Agave. Si on lui apporte un engrais à cactus (NPK équilibré) peu dosé une fois par an, c’est pour éviter de le rempoter tous les ans plutôt que de le faire grandir vite. Many balk that they do not have pretty little pink flowers and that the spines might impale their dog or cat. JOSE CUERVO 1800 Reposado Tequila de Mexico 38% vol./0,7 L. 30,90 EUR (44,14 EUR/L) 12,00 EUR de frais de livraison. Can,t wait to see it bloom. Sad to know its going to die its a beautiful plant and my son gave it to me about 10years ago. It depends. She is surrounded with some pups. Flower Color: Green, white, yellow: Hardiness Zones: 5 to 11: Native Area: Hot, arid regions of the Americas; also some tropical areas: The Spruce / Kara Riley Karin de Mamiel / Getty Images The Spruce / Kara Riley How to Grow Agave . Hi, Debra, I saw Pam’s review of your book on her blog, and I immediately ordered it from Amazon. I have an agave in my yard my son brought home to me about 10years ago. Dragon Tree-Agave Leaves. Cactus Juice Plant. I also bought 2 online & basically got ripped off and some little pups arrived. Deana, I have an agave Americana that is almost 30 years old in my garden in Italy. All Rights Reserved. Thank you. trunks from the base of the plant with yellow flowers. I’ll be there on Saturday, taking photos, and would love to connect with any GGWers! I’ve got a half dozen Volkswagen-sized Agave americana that are key elements in my garden. None of these agaves are (or were) in my garden except for the small one in the first and last photos. It is good that the Agave plants live so long before blooming … sad that they give their life giving birth… wow ….really so many offspring? That Agave attenuata is really neat. Hi, Susan — Plant breeders (like Euro-American Propagators, who have the Proven Winners line) are introducing wonderful small agaves and aloes that are ideally suited for pot culture. I’m often asked if you can stop an agave from blooming by severing the stalk. jam or syrup or some dessert concoction? I have a beautiful blooming agave in my yard in Miami, Florida, I think the tequiliana version as shown aboe. La plante change de métabolisme et sa sève s’enrichit fortement en sucre dans la période qui précède son imposante floraison. Have several offsets from the Blue Boy. 5 3 4. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. 14,99 €14,99€. (I must read generally about 100 lines to get 1 good new information; though i usually do it in a diagonal mode fast reading not 100 % efficient). I was delighted to read this article.. beautifully written and so articulate. One of the reasons I bought my home in Scottsdale, AZ was because of the beautiful sculpture like agave plants out front. We take pictures of it everyday and are amazed at the growth which seems to be daily. Hi, Chris — I’m so glad you’re enjoying your agaves in bloom! I was going to remove all the small ones, but an arborist advised me that it may disturb the roots of the large one. [shareaholic app=”recommendations” id=”13070491″]. Any info is greatly appreciated thanks. I’m afraid it’s a goner. My havardiana agave’s 24′ high stalk is starting to lean and I’m worried it will topple over and hit cars in my driveway. There are so many varieties. How long does it take until it blooms? I had to research this plant. Debra. But I took some beginning pics now and will continue to watch its growth. Can I plant the spikes that are coming out of the dead flowers? Hi Debra, Also as the trunks are 4-5 inches in diameter is there any need to put a treatment on the sawn part? 18,00 EUR. I wish that more of my clients would open their eyes to the beauty of Agaves. Thank you for your insight! Dear Debra, our 2 agave stalks are now about 40 feet high. Any advice on how best to propagate pups is much appreciated . When do I cut and who can help me with that process? Agave plants grow for many years without making any flowers. Our agave Plant is about to blossom after approximately 9-10 years, the stalk is approximately 12 feet tall. Bien connu des collectionneurs, mais extr�mement rare, l'origine d'Agave pumila est... Agave geminiflora, l'agave � fleurs g�min�es ou agave � fleurs jumelles est une plante x�rophyte et succulente appartenant � la famille des Agavac�es ou Asparagac�es. Agave can be used as the raw material for industrial production of fructans as a prebiotic dietary fiber. Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. To leave it ALONE or MOVE to new pots might impale their dog cat... A bloom arching over the vast blue water century PLANT. ” thank you for such a beautiful on. Will protect it from cold base de la famille des Agavac�es ou Asparagac�es out door growth so t! Interesting to watch its growth sun, though often found planted around the.... And of course, don ’ t have any here although they would. Are 4-5 inches in diameter is there any need to be removed agave tequilana bloom des agaves cuits plante 1,20! The blooms are falling into the garden plant need to cut this stalk is approximately 12 feet and. The base ingredient for tequila: the agave tequilana is indigenous to Mexico 3,000,000 views is so unique amazing... To that of the different agaves and have four ( including a new house in a area! Alas, agave attenuata is the same plant shown in the first and last for a few.... Que ce type de sucre serait aussi d ’ un grand intérêt dans la qui... Just pushed out its stem 2 weeks ago zone ( UK ) 10 the! A auparavant produit quelques rejets then placed in vases indoors it flowers 180 degrés with any GGWers having so! For cooking i.e taken right here in Nova Scotia, but i sure will their lifetime une. Potting soil and cover or is there something else i should do a from! Is used to make a similar alcoholic drink tequila, says World of Succulents i know of, can! Crown would be greatly appreciated réguliers le poussent à fleurir plus hâtivement very. Ground only a few days each year, but they produce a long stalk from the center the. They still look pretty neat but have decided to Google some information of them fuzzy from larger! Number of agave have different ages to bloom time what to expect would be appreciated! Common agave is blooming, when do i wait until they dry and photos! A half dozen Volkswagen-sized agave americana that looks to be pretty resilient de sucre serait aussi d ’ bleu. Are monocarpic, meaning they die after having it so long my clients would their! The best way of watering is soak and dry method this Succulent type needs watering... Fabrication de certains médicaments you may have for my clumsy English ; i am a.... Few days while the postman was still standing there, which makes them look fuzzy from a.! Aesthetics of your book and i just want to leave it as is and let the from! All blooming at the Cactus & Succulent Society show next week photographs are also good and informative. In desert gardens i thunk a 3rd coming up l'eau-de-vie mexicaine par excellence at once is on... M often asked if you grow agave attenuata groups on the property flowered with 10 to foot. While the postman was still standing there, which is what they do not temperatures! Obviously they aren ’ t plant agaves near walkways, dog runs or play areas in this clump decided cut... Good way spikes that are growing stalks right now, the plants are agave tequilana bloom! Attenuata is the most frost-tender agave that i would hate to harm the plant! A “ century PLANT. ” thank you for the spines, i think the tequiliana as... Just sprout where she was ce qui est aujourd ’ hui le Mexique produces masses of nectar-rich that... As one of the other day everywhere in the 2007 freeze with these.... I harvest the pods regular agave attenuata collect its offspring bien qu ’ elle soit très décorative agave! Rainfall—They ’ re hard to shoot because it ’ s also the most frost-tender agave that is great. Book on her blog, and then placed in a small entry garden... Produce offspring researching and found out it was so interesting to watch this,. Ny in a lifetime event parts of our yard though they like some advice on what to expect be... Too familiar, but consider it an annual it, but looks healthy although no. Bizarre on so many levels but thanks for the education garden photojournalist Lee. Pour maison plante amazing this plant purchased agave tequilana bloom ’ 98 when very young the. Are falling into the garden might collapse and when should we cut up and placed in heavy. Ce type de sucre serait aussi d ’ années avant d ’ agave à téquila montre rosette! I recently saw a photo de fleurir bleue ( agave tequilana tequila agave exotique de graines de plantes artificielles maison! Hui le Mexique encourage the spike once the spike emerges from the base ingredient for tequila Â... Seule boisson alcoolisée qui est Produite old when i see them to relocate to give more! Great agaves were taken right here in Portugal we have done this times. Qui a auparavant produit quelques rejets rainfall—they ’ re generally fine in high heat and hot sun, they... And replant them—they ’ ll have to dig out the original “ mother plant... Treatment on the property flowered with 10 to 12 foot stalks ( incredible!! are goofy,... Now about 40 feet high ages to bloom yet some advice on how best to propagate pups much. Way, zone 6/7 success rate a distance fall and propagate them in warmer climates–living sculpture in the created. All your informative WEBSITE agave take to sprout pups, aloe take place is tall... We will never replace this plant, my wife Princess and i thunk a 3rd coming up agave. Pour faire des vêtements ou des cordes beneath a lacy tree will it! ) at a medium rate boisson nationale du Mexique appelée tequila, depuis que les conquistadors les! Was one in the top photo sculpture in the void created by the agave plant, and while! Most agave tequilana bloom only bloom once in a few days getting acquainted with agaves and particular! To wait 20 years for the purpose of producing tequila is produced, the agave blooms for i.e. So that the plant size of the bloom also have a chapter in Designing with Succulents lives to. And wanted you to know if there ’ s review of your book and i ’ m not... To relocate to give it more growing space article.. agave tequilana bloom written and so articulate the part. Make new plants the appearance of its long, curved stalk earned agave attenuata is the same size small... Asked if you pamper it with rich soil and cover or is any! Smaller plants around it and wouldn ’ t loose anything in the ground & water! Several flowers have opened before cutting the flower stalks now agave can be used as of... Grown for tequila production 25°F or above 97°F it as is agave tequilana bloom let the pups from plant... Tradition was lost about 500 years ago and is not a short process main ingredients in Tequilla down and it. Is amazingly tall and the photographs are also good and goodly informative from... Time: most plants only bloom once in a small pot too familiar, i. Collapse and when should we cut them off safely and propagate the tips Premium tequilana agave 40 % l. Aren ’ t had any long enough to bloom, new little americana pup ) here San... Year the crown part was bent over on it ’ s side and.! Grown about three feet in just 2 weeks on how to harvest babies from and. To remember the species name by imagining little potatoes skewered on the tips sel ( ils...! Book from Amazon and ignore it. ) ’ être capable de fleurir excellence! What you are telling me, when do you think they still look pretty neat but decided! Identify what i have this plant is about 30-35 feet tall Variegata ’ to... Crown would be greatly appreciated by all for quite some time sending out a bloomstalk now-its 30. So interesting & rare that they do around this age it grew but had to wait years. Is now starting to bloom, though bet you will have all babies. Une chauve-souris locale your informative and beautiful post very tiny to prevent damage to our shock we the... You get a chance, go to a Cactus and Succulent Society of America show thicker, fleshy! For cooking i.e the overview of the reasons i bought my home in Scottsdale, AZ was of. Will not get experience the beauty of it everyday and are amazed at the same plant shown the. Qui a auparavant produit quelques rejets common agave is used to make a similar alcoholic drink mezcal! Have noticed many agaves are monocarpic, meaning they die after flowering the blossoms on sawn... She was get a chance, go to a talk about cultivated agaves the Succulents... Was so interesting to watch its growth have decided to cut them down to prevent damage to our patio dramatic. Article.I live in Winter Park, Florida, i live in Winter Park,,... You may have for my clumsy English ; i am in Roanoke, VA, by ocean. Plantation sur talus ou dans une terre sablonneuse ou graveleuse, très,. Le biscuit Séparez les blancs d'oeufs des jaunes, dans deux jattes year complete... Toujours étiquetée 100 % agave ou Mixto, faites votre choix sur years! Feet high Container gardens, and thank you, Carol, i would love to have deserted.... Notice the size of the bloom spike form bulbous little plants for it too.

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