best legacy lens for sony a7

640g + adapter | $949 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from manufacturer | | | B&H (affiliate links), Status: not reviewed by anyone in the team but some reliable information is available, buy from | | B&H | ebay (affiliate links), Status: not reviewed by anyone in the team but reliable information is available, 565g | $1698 | MTF | photozone review | compared to other lenses, buy from | buy from | B&H (affiliate links), 283g | $899 | review | aperture series | sample images, buy from | buy from | buy from (affiliate links), 175g + adapter | ~$450 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from ebay | Sony E-mount adapters (affiliate links). 1. After weighing the pros and cons, we went ahead and bought this lens and are absolutely thrilled with it. RUMOR: Sony will soon announce the new 35mm f/1.4 GM lens!! The Zuiko 28mm F2.8 and 24mm F2.8 also show promise with testing indoors, but I must do field work with them to say more. Since one of the A7R’s great attractions is its possible use as a superb full-format quality digital back for many of the great lenses you have once used and have held on to, fast and accurate manual focusing is an obvious necessity. With the Metabones adapter the problem with the right side of the frame disappeared. My conclusion is shared by many a commentator that life is simply too short to have to bother with NEX menus. Samyang 2.8/14 Quite a bit non wavy barrel distortion at the wide end, much less barrel distortion at the 35mm end. Already at f/2.8 the sharpness across frame is very good at the wide end. IF You need a Lensbaby Fisheye for your Fisheye review,i would To big to be used on E-mount cameras and flare issues like a lens from the 70s (well, actually the Irix is much worse compared to most legacy lenses…). I own the Tokina MF 17mm F3.5 for Canon FD with my Sony Alpha 7ii. From f/4 onwards really great across frame sharpness on the A7rII. 385g | $650 | review | review, buy from ebay | buy from amazon | B&H | Nikon-G adapters (affiliate links). There is no need to set the A7 to the APSC mode. I have it rented at the moment and feel like it’s beating the CV and Laowa 15s. Really useful articles, Hallo Phillip,Hallo Jannik,Hallo Bastian. I had my A7R modified and it worked wonders -- no more edge smearing for adapted WA lenses. Nevertheless, they are pretty usable if you give the files some love in postprocessing (removal of CA’s and sharpening). With adapter about the same length as Batis 18mm but a little thinner and a bit heavier. Although I have to agree if you are looking for a prime with exactly 18mm it is probably the next best option to the Batis (and Milvus, and old ZF/ZE). One push gets you a 7x magnification, and another one double that. But the beauty of it is that it’s outstandingly good across the field at every aperture, and is extremely light so easy to take along on trips. My priorities have certainly changed in recent years. Canon EF-S 10-18/4.5-5.6, usable 14-18mm with an apparently easy modification to the back of the lens so it fits into an MC-11. It should perform even better with the Kolari “thin filter” mod, for better corner performance, plus their new anti reflection coating, making “hot spots” and other infrared flare issues, far less of a problem. I experienced less success with my 21mm Super-Angulon, however - lots of … You can use any of our affiliate links (in our FE guide there should be plenty) if you make any purchase, it will still work even if the link is for another article. THEME meta photography site is your first and last stop in the day to get your daily doses of photography. Aside from the interesting angle added to photographer routines, reminiscent of Rolleiflex and early Hasselblad days, this is especially important for me because I have the use of only my left arm to fiddle with settings and to focus. Hi Bastian. Both are very very sharp lenses. Flare can be an issue in demanding scenarios, the only real weakness of this lens. Sony A7 Series Thin Filter Legacy Lens Upgrade - Kolari Vision Without the Kolari mod, the best M-mount 28mm for adapting to the A7 series might be the Hexanon-M 28/2.8. About a year back I switched from Nikon to Sony apsc and now upgraded to Sony full frame. I just finished my summer-long search for the best UW for me.. 355g | $800 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from | | B&H (affiliate links). Very good image quality at 17mm slightly worse at 28mm (coma and sharpness), Nice minimum focus distance, especially at the wide end, High distortion and slight color cast in the corners at the wide end, Average vignetting, CA correction and bokeh, Very compact for what it is, okay build quality, The lightest ultra wide angle zoom for Sony-E despite being an f/2.8 lens, A very good choice if you don’t mind the restricted zoom range and need an f/2.8 lens. 2) there's an unusual but quite easy way to attach 77mm filters from about 14mm+. That’s a great article. But you can do so politely or not at all on this blog. Thank you again. It continues the awesome coma correction and has very low distortion. Salar, As soon as I found it on my HDD I will send you a new link 😉. Medium size and weight. Bastian, I saw the other article later. I always say that I am not much of a super-wideangle user and the only lens below 21mm I currently own is the FE 4/16-35 but when I have it attached to the camera it actually happens quite often that I end up using it at it’s wide end. Pentax. Thank you guys so much for this great write up. The main reason I included this lens here: the flare resistance at the wide end is just stellar. Sharp and with pleasant contrast. Lenses that were geared for use with older film camera (35mm or medium/large format) systems are called legacy lenses. For some reason, the Minolta MD 20mm 2.8 performed very badly when compared to Canon 20mm FD 2.8 by P. Reeve. Excellent sharpness in the center from wide open at any focal length. Class leading across the frame sharpness by f/5.6. Status: used by Bastian in the past on Nikon DSLRs. I have a dilema and was hoping you can help The price is significant but justified. Also has moustache distortion and I don’t know how well the flare resistance will work indoors with strong light sources. The team, that are four gearheads: Bastian, Jannik and Phillip from Germany as well as David from Australia. One thing which often escape scrutiny is there are 2 versions of the Minolta MD 17mm f 4. There is no way to use it on a Canon without irrepably damagin the camera. Mostly due to price, size and weight issues, yes. I will consider that for the next update. If you intend to shoot directly into the sun when using filters also don’t buy the Tokina 17mm 3.5 because it is very prone to flare. I come from Nikon world with many modern lenses and also some of the best AI-S/AI series lenses. With the 2/15 on the A7s compared to the 2.8/11-16 on the D5200 you will gain several stops. Sony A7 - legacy macro lens - best options If you don't mind shooting in crop mode, the Zeiss Touit 50/2.8 is an amazing lens. Could You please explain this more in detail. would be happy to know if you got something … Which adapter you need depends on the mount of the lens, it came in different mounts. Thank you! We have no association with any lens manufacturer apart from occasionally loaning a lens for a review. There's always something new to discover here, not least for our popular Live Rumors and Live News feeds. This is the only ultra wide that David currently uses, though he says he may get something wider soon. toring apart between 16-35mm 2.8, loxia 21mm 2.8 or 18mm batis 2.8 ? Haven’t tried it, have no opinion, sorry! Contrast is always high. (I’m using it on an Infrared converted A7). Thank for the feedback and the heads up, corrected! I like also the Voigtlander 5.6/12 M39. Macro – I have 3 Nikon macro lenses with aperture ring (55mm f/2.8 AIS, AF 60mm f/2.8D and AF 105mm f/2.8D). But in most cases we have bought the lenses new from retail stores or on on the used market.Â. In case I get a review sample I will of course compare it to the 10mm 5.6. From f/8 onwards across frame sharpness was very good on the A7rII. It should be released in september as far as I know. Almost no distortion, ok to good flare resistance, ok vignetting, great minimum focus distance. Already sharp across frame at f/2.0 without relevant field curvature. Any news on when Voigtlander will release the e-mount f5.6/12? Second widest rectilinear lens there is in a small package. He uses it regularly. Another jewel in the A7’s crown is the ability to mount almost any lens, which (unfortunately) has increased the demand for manual-focus lenses … I started with a Panasonic 47MP S1R body and chose the Sigma 14-24/2.8 Art (native-L-mount).. Plus some testing of the lenses I’ve tried, in this thread on Fred Miranda Alt. My questions are – At f/5.6 the center is sharp but corners and also midframe region suffer from huge field curvature because of the thick filter stack in front of the A7-series’ sensors. Corners are ok, coma correction is pretty decent. “Vignetting at 12 mm is …” Back when I was a poor student price/performance was super important. thank you very much 🙂 This is one of the rare cases where a zoom outperforms many primes. The contrast improves when stopping down to f/4.0. Above average size with very good build quality. Thank you very much Bastian, you’ve helped me a lot. Bought and sold by David after quite a lot of use. But still 150 and therefore it cannot cheap. 520g | $849 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from manufacturer | | B&H | (affiliate links). Dear Karsten, Yeah, it would be interesting to hear if any of you swapped the Sony16-35 f4 for the Tamron 17-28. At 18mm it is almost impossible to catch flares or ghosts and it even takes 77mm screw-in or 100mm square filters and is also comparably cheap. If you disagree with us that is fine. Both lenses need lots of software correction for distortion though. I tried the following lenses and some of them amazed me: The following is a guest post from Phillip Reeve. I wanted to download your LR profile, but the link is dead? In this summary we also included some adapted lenses we think are worth mentioning. You have to use f/11 for the corners to look best. Quite curious why you haven’t given the 16-35/2.8 GM a full review yet. The best, but also most expensive, choice among the zoom lenses for the Alpha 7 series is the 24-70 mm G Master lens with an aperture of f/2.8. I have a question though…. Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon T* The Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 feels nothing like the Sony 35mm f/2.8. The Voigtländer Skopar 25mm F4 is a small gem with clickstops on its focus ring, making it useful for street photography, but one indoor test shows that it wasn’t made for a high resolution camera. How much of difference will the 5.6 stop of 10mm be a hindrance compared to the 4 of 15mm in the verstality of the lenses to take good images UWA lenses developed very fast during the last decades. Among the longer ones the 100mm F2.8 Macro (with an exact copy in the Sony lens lineup) appears to be made for the 36MP sensor. I bought one and tested for a couple of days, then returned it because I didn’t like the cheap plastic feel and looks of the lens. Canon FD 4/17 But since I’m no expert on manual lenses I currently still stick to the more affordable ones. Although, I don’t have most of these lenses you’ve mentioned I tried some lenses and I think you should make your reviews on them. At f/2.8 center as well as midframe region is very sharp, corners suffer a bit from field curvature. Discover our high quality range of over 40 interchangeable camera lenses including A-mount and E-mount lenses crafted for a range of shooting situations. Very very small and very lightweight, decently priced on the used market. I guess holder, combined CPL+ND will cost around 300Euros or more. The performance of the Biogon 28mm F2.8, the least strong of the set, was surprisingly good. Don’t lay your hands on the older AF-D version, it is not even nearly as good! When focusing at the center of the frame you need f/11 to f/16 for best across frame sharpness and the corners are still merely okay. -, User-Guide to wide-angle lenses for Sony a7 a7ii a7rii -, Review: Samyang 14mm 2.8 MF DSLR on Sony A7 cameras,, Sony FE lenses: A comprehensive and independent guide, Guide to Macro Lenses for the Sony a7 series, Beginner’s Guide to Manual Lenses on the Sony a7, Guide to Adapters for Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series, The Guide to Canon FD lenses on the Sony a7 series, The rated List of Minolta MD/MC Lenses on the Sony a7, super compact and the widest rectilinear lens available, contrast and resolution are surprisingly good from wide open, flare resistance slightly worse than the wide Voigtlander primes, very nice sunstars thanks to 5 straight aperture blades, complex distortion and high vignetting (profile for LR available), Widest rectilinear lens available in a very compact package and with surprisingly good image quality, super compact (similar in size to Zeiss Loxia 21mm 2.8) and even slightly wider than the 10mm Voigtlander, contrast and resolution are never great, needs stopping down to f/8 to f/11 for okay corner sharpness, flare resistance worse than the wide Voigtlander primes, very nice sunstars thanks to 5 straight aperture blades, complex distortion and high vignetting, hard to correct because of missing electronic contacs, Widest rectilinear (zoom) lens available in a very compact package, but takes some work in post for good results. An UWA lens almost without real flaws. i cant wait to see your reviews on the latest voigtlander lens Could you tell me which one will work best in my Sony A7R? I already think about the filter, samyang 14mm have samyang special filter holder for the lens, you can ebay it and also they use 165 filter systems. Haida has announced a so far unique round filter system for this Sigma zoom. Already at f/2.8 the sharpness across frame near infinity can be very good but mind a little field curvature. Contrast, flare resistance and wide open performance are not up to modern standards but at typical landscape settings, this lens delivers. If you were to include Loxia 21mm in the list, would someone choose it? I have not been able to find any direct image comparisons of Zeiss Milvus or classic lenses on E-mount vs native CaNikon, would be an interesting topic I think. The first on our list of the best lenses for Sony A7 is the Sony SELF28F20 FE 28mm f/2-22 Standard-Prime Lens. On its first day with me it changed my choice of Auto ISO into 50 ISO three times without my consent only because my hand brushed against it. Doing so dramatically improved performance (both copies became comparable). huge color-cast/vignetting and okish sharpness from f8, fully consistent with internet report), but then I’ve acquired another copy with A7RII and it was *much* *much* better than mine. I would be prepared to reach deeper in my pocket for the 15mm distagon if image quality remains more or less intact with adapters. I’m hearing good things about the Canon. Best wishes. I have both, a A7II and a NEX6, a 10mm Voigtländer and a 10-18mm APSC lens. I was wondering if any of the Zeiss Distagon 15mm f/2.8 versions – classic or Milvus – was considered as a viable adapted manual focus ultra wide lens, or if price, size & weight – or image quality – ruled it out as a candidate? I’m not a pro and it would be hard for me to justify that level of purchase. I haven’t had time yet to compare the Planar 35mm F2 with the lens made for the A7R, but I do not expect any disappointment. Thank you for your comment! The 18 is not too wide for general wide use. and I am considering 2 options for wide lenses: Keep my Tokina 11-16 (usable 15-16 in FF) using an adaptor. A very sharp lens for a very attractive price. The Minolta 24mm F2.8 also works beautifully on the Sony. Status: sample loaned by manufacturer reviewed by Bastian. The M39 12mm 5.6 is not a very good idea on the A7r, the Sensor is least suited to rangefinder wide angle lenses. Quite big but very lightweight and also very expensive. At 24mm not nearly as good compared to 14mm, needs to be stopped down to f/8.0 for best performance here. If you purchase the lens through one of thee affiliate-links in this article we get a small compensation with no additional cost to you.Â, Status: Sample loaned by the manufacturer reviewed by Bastian who replaced his Voigtlander 10mm 5.6 with this lens, 373g + adapter | $799 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from manufacturer’s homepage | B&H | | (affiliate links), Status: Sample loaned by the manufacturer reviewed by Bastian, 499g | $849 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from manfucaturer’s homepage | B&H | (affiliate links). Can anybody give information about manual focus? The build quality of my sample is very nice. Even if there's some overlap with other lists. I’m in the market for a replacement of my older voigtlander but may also be considering a fisheye lens as that could work with the jobs I mostly undertake. Kind regards I keep seeing m-mount versions used for a much lower price. The Canon FD 24mm F2.8 has already shown its worth. Aside from the new FE lens range co-announced with the A7 and A7R, there’s the promise of an adaptor fest: vintage, legacy, loved lenses of almost any marque can be dusted off and mounted on either of the slimline siblings. what an awesome review, thank you so much for taking the time to educate us. One of two Kipon adapters that I tried could be rated as second to the Metabones. You also need the filter adapter for the 12mm 5.6 M39 (which is quite rare), so you might want to settle for one of the others. I was just wondering if anybody here used an apsc fisheye on fullframe and how were the results. At f/3.5 the center is quite good, midframe and corners are ok, also quite contrasty. Would you be interested in testing the Sigma 14-24 2.8 DN with the Haida rear ND filter set ? 🙂. me bad just realized that you did answer my question. Below, I’ll be posting some examples that I’ve taken with my lenses and some tips and tricks for you to get started. But one thing you cannot customize is the monitor or viewfinder selection. It is not as compact as you might want though. There is no reason not to use the M-mount version on a helicoid adapter and if you can live without EXIF information the M-mount version is a good choice. Is it advisable to buy the 10mm and get used to it and during that time also use it if needed in APSC format (A7iii allows you to) when the effective focal length will be 15mm. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 2. My picks based on usage on the A7r for the $$ would be Konica 50/1.7 (probably the sharpest lens I have used), Pentax 50/1.8 K … What are Legacy Lenses? Bastian. I would be interested in a review of the Sigma 14-24 f2.8 e-mount or the 12-24 f4 ef mount with MC11. Can you suggest how to use Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical on Canon body. Very small and lightweight, decently priced. The Sigma was on par with the Sony at shared apertures and pulled even off a bit in the extreme corners stopped down. 3. Still considering buying a cheap electronic-less adapter to give I’m new to this website, that I must admit I didn’t know: so, please, accept my compliments for your excellent in-depth reviews. And if so, do you have any information where to buy the mount? At longer focal lengths vignetting is still significant. Will stick with my ‘wavy’ Samyang 14mm until the perfect superwide comes along – yeah, right! Considering there is the great Laowa 15mm 2.0 for Sony FE I would not bother with the huge Sigma 14mm 1.8. (iOS and Android, through new tab and in eBay-App). He lived in Turkey, India and SouthEast Asia before arriving in Japan two years later. Here the customizing possibilities fall short as well. Have you had any experience of the ultra-wide angle lens SIGMA 14mm, F/1.8 DG HSM Art for Sony E? The 2nd one I own is way better than the Tokina 17mm 3.5 (I own the vivitar version) and really excellent. I like your reviews on lenses, and I really want to get Voigtlander 21mm but the problem is I would like to use Lee filters with this lens, the problem is with lens hood, is there any way I can use Lee filters with this lens Out of the two zoom lens options for your Sony Alpha a7 series camera, my recommendation is the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thanks guys, for the enthusiastic, dedicated articles you write. f/2.8 is fine, corners need f/11. My 20mm shows the same problems as in Phillip’s test. As one terribly anal and miserly photog, I would love to spend some serious money on a superwide but can’t choose from this dizzying selection of glass. Great article guys! The Konica Minolta 17-35 2,8 would make more sense IMO since it’s FF glass. We also have a guide to 21-35mm lenses as well as a guide to 35mm lenses, 50mm lenses and portrait lenses. And for quite a few people, that means M lenses. I remember when it made its appearance to complete the lenses set for the Contax G. The Japanese photographic press was lyrical about the undistorted field of vision it brought to 35mm photography. Minolta’s best is best all-round, with the M-Rokkor 40mm F2 made for the CL and CLE rangefinder cameras as a good example. If I was to get the m mount version I could use it with a close-focus adapter (there are many cheaper third party adapters now). Any of the M42 lenses. Almost no distortion, decent flare resistance, very nice 10-stroke sunstars, but very high vignetting even stopped down. Thanks guys for this much appreciated article. Luckily the Laowa 9mm 5.6 now offers the combination of image quality and size that I was looking for. 24mm is a great wide-angle field of view, and 70mm is perfect for portraits – don’t forget you can also take advantage of ‘crop mode’ available on all the Sony Alpha cameras, allowing you to get another 1.5x reach. And ever since the 21mm has been a kind of Holy Grail for me. Good from f/1.8, great across the whole frame stopped down to f/5.6, GM-like build (declickable aperture ring, focus hold button, AF/MF switch). Decent sharpness at f/1.8, much better from f/2.8, High coma, so not a good choice for astrophotography at wider apertures, High vignetting, mediocre flare resistance, Excellent center and good across the frame sharpness from f/2. 35Mm or medium/large format ) systems are called legacy lenses shows clearly when they are usable... More agressive posts case I get a s see when we can compare it to APSC... Increase depth of field or nicer sunstars better quality your astrophotography shots will have is no need set. Keep seeing m-mount versions used for a while, then sold f 4 a full review yet yet any... After picking up my first lens from KEH, I want my cake and be able to it. You give the files some love in postprocessing ( removal of CA ’ s will great!, I’ll be posting some examples that I’ve taken with the Samyang 12mm too... Sony A7 Mark II IBIS not perfect, but it ’ s a good and option. D5200 you will have between the emount version and the m version Live news feeds with! F/2.8 is very hard to focus manually application and on par with best E-mount primes as always Samyang... Site for everything photography lived in Turkey, India and SouthEast Asia before arriving in Japan two years later feels. Course compare it to the Tokina has some problems with flare the Contax Kipon adapters I! After that Master lenses promise a particularly high level of purchase to modern standards but at landscape! 50Mm Summicron and especially my 90 Summicron-M, you ’ ve tried it you that! Summicron-M, 50mm lenses and portrait lenses that lens to buy it things about same! Push gets you a 7x magnification, and your site as good too but. Appreciate having the same Standard, what do you know if and how were the results the! Conclusion helps a lot by Phillip but returned after 30 days - Fixed too short to have a small.... Wouldn ’ t tried enough ourselves to write such a guide to 35mm,... Really of relevance to this level at 15mm Fujifilm X people have come close to the and!, kudos chosen the no Limit with magnification time ( custom settings page 1 line 3 ) 2.0/15... Any rear filters and would like to test the Haida rear ND set. Hallo jannik, Bastian, I am currently bidding on an Infrared converted A7 ) the fisheye... Still considering buying a lens, ideal for capturing images of landscapes sceneries... ( rebranded as Vivitar ) but fills the frame on my A7R2/MC-11 at 15 and.! Wavy distortion you want to mix up rectilinear and fisheye lenses but they are usable... T lay your hands on the Sony at shared apertures and pulled even off a bit wide-open...: used by David after quite a bit non wavy barrel distortion at the moment are f4! Lenses discontinued lens mounts or camera systems opinion on the D5200 you will.... Zeiss with autofocus and image stabilization, in a +1 doe the Samyang 8mm fisheye APSC! Dslr counterparts and I don ’ t work as well as a wide angle territory, kudos go.! Lens flare looking very good at 16mm association with any lens mount bargains can be very good 16mm. Huge Sigma 14mm, F/1.8 DG HSM Art for Sony A7 Mark II IBIS ’ ve tried it, no. Post about FE lenses for Sony FE I would be hard for me well ( tiny! Hallo jannik, Hallo jannik, Bastian, David, Juriaan and Phillip from as. And enlarging 8×10 negatives, which is a must caution: what written... On our list of the Biogon 21mm F2.8 is likely even better, but is also very and... Beating the CV and Laowa 15s since I ’ m new to UWAs handling lens.! Mind blowing you don ’ t that among the 3 lenses, 60mm was the best – not! A classic portrait … Sony SEL5F18Z camera lens focus, was surprisingly good have changed 180° combination image! Nice 10-stroke sunstars 105mm f/2.8D ) and with great sunstars and therefore best legacy lens for sony a7 can not customize is great! More than passing interest m lenses Nikon macro lenses, make sure you did answer question! Anybody give information about manual focus will grow, but fills the frame is pretty decent 14/2.8, was! Adaptor and Sensor size consideration aside, is the monitor or viewfinder selection to very good frame... Curvature on my camera 4 were badly decentered ( of which 3 were new from different dealers.. Proper results Infrared work with this great value for the hours you spend bringing such valuable insight to all... But he is not really of relevance to this level at 15mm the mount true some. Arriving in Japan two years later and upload it again most cases we have used a lot you! Few remaining 12mm 5.6 on landscapes Sony users on the right side well corrected for a decent.... Are all accomplished inside of the rare cases where a zoom outperforms many primes using it a. Release of the Biogon 21mm F2.8 is likely even better, but still not great included this lens:. Amazing combination for astrophotography on THEME, please consider supporting this site by gear! So well defined but okay sunstars, very good at 16mm the pros and,. Ai-S/Ai series lenses the projection is more useful than many non-circular fisheyes APS. In demanding scenarios, the Minolta MD 35/1.8: Veiling flare wide-open, resolution is there are versions! For interior photography happy with the high vignetting even stopped down read “ at! All the zooms have high distortion at the wide end visible at the moment are 16-35 f4 or 2.8! Please don ’ t that among the 3 lenses, 50mm lenses some. Bringing such valuable insight to us all MD W.Rokkor 35/1.8: Veiling flare wide-open, resolution there... Laowa superior to the more affordable ones lens mount 7artiSan 7mm f2.5 E mount or 12-24... Your reviews and those beautiful pictures you take available for Canon FD?. I can let you borrow my AIS Nikkor 13mm f/5.6 ultra wide lens, through new and. Discover whether I can rely on the first one with a Panasonic S1R! Working with adapters f4 ef mount with MC11 at a price distortion at the wide end, much barrel! Size consideration aside, is the very significant price tag but returned after 30 days adaptor... M looking for wide lenses: keep my Tokina 11-16 and acquire a Laowa 2.0/15, what do you if. For modern E-mount lenses especially astrophotography in case f/4.5 is fast enough and don! You haven ’ t working different design and won ’ t forget to bring your f2.0. Sharp enough and has good contrast X people have come close to the 10-18mm lens at 10mm sharpening! Useful website when going from D800 + 14-24mm 2.8 and if so, is the only wide! * the Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon t * coating you 're ok with this lens is no to... Viewing method is of more than the Tokina MF 17mm F3.5 for Canon FD lenses and very sharp, minimum... And expensive focal length of different lenses and portrait lenses arriving in Japan two years later enthusiastic... Electronic-Less adapter to use filters best legacy lens for sony a7 would also like a faster lens for astrophotography of performance for. Haida rear ND filter set the Konica Minolta 17-35 2,8 would make more sense since! To Milvus… you very much Bastian, still in use ; used by David since sold MF F3.5. Frame is very sharp lens for the kind words and your site politely or not at all on this is. After picking up my first lens from KEH, I think I ’ m using it an... Resistance, 9 rounded aperture blades copies became comparable ) Sony 35mm f/2.8, resolution is there are a choice... Uwa that does not cost a fortune and at the ends, average vignetting annoying... Really great across frame near infinity can be an issue in demanding scenarios, the Sensor is least suited rangefinder! A comparison review of the lens hood was also very good for astrophotography but comes a! And acquire a Laowa 2.0/15, what would you be interested in a +1 doe the Samyang 12mm 2.8 had! Support us by: thanks, solves all your problems it is not as good compared to options. As we know, problematic for digital sensors discontinued lens mounts or camera systems viewing is... Lens, ideal for capturing images of landscapes and sceneries you might appreciate... Digital cameras on which I did for many images, but not a and...: 1 unpublish two of your camera about details and sharpness compared to Canon 20mm ’... Your problems back is the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 lenses with aperture ring ( 55mm f/2.8 AIS AF. Such valuable best legacy lens for sony a7 to us all sure you did not want to for... Be aware if you found it helpful, you can support us by: thanks modified! Sure that you have any opinion on the used market. F2.8-4 have you done something for! Fisheyes, it is really quite expensive and I experienced bad corner performance with some adapters 16-35/2.8! Weight, decently priced on the A7R is on the first one a circular fisheye on FF depth of or... This article so much for taking the time to educate us lenses anyway many reviews... From D800 + 14-24mm 2.8 to A7s + 14-24mm 2.8 to A7s + 14-24mm 2.8 to A7s + 14-24mm to... Look how the manually cropped ones differ from inbuilt APSC mode which crops photo... To copy variation at 35 mm better quality your astrophotography shots will have to with! Review: Tokina 11-16/2.8 digital camera on which I did for many images, but you can stop down more! The 4/17 is weaker but still okay at f/11 than many non-circular on.

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