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She evaluates skills and backgrounds of successful reps. Then she creates ideal candidate profiles with HR to get the needed talent. Launched channel sales program and optimized relationships with global strategic partners and regional VAR partners throughout the Americas. Increased sales revenue by 10% annually, through focused sales approach and collaboration with product groups to penetrate new markets. Tracked sales activities and pipelines, provided sales forecasts and communicated sales progress with management and sales teams. Unless directed, the sales manager takes an ad-hoc approach to skills. Exceeded sales budget with a minimum of 10% increase YOY. Expand and Institute new outbound sales efforts, cold calling and tracking for a 30% increase year over year. Identify business development opportunities to drive profit and revenue through treasury and payment solutions for multiple market segments. Supported product development to meet customer requirements for new technologies required to test enterprise storage products. Provided coaching and consulting services to cross-functional business partners covering strategic planning, identification of niche markets and market penetration strategies. Provided leadership & direction for eight internal sales staff and fourteen independent sales representative organizations. Ensured operational compliance with all regulatory requirements through appropriate training. Developed OEM arrangements with several key technology vendors including Microsoft. She works closely with marketing to enable her team with content and leads. Developed strong rapport with potential customers by matching needs to particular products represented. However, we frequently see Sales VPs still stuck in the sales manager mindset. Created new investment management presentations for the organization's sales personnel. Demonstrate exceptional discovery and presentation skills through superior product knowledge while managing overall sales process 8. Co-founded and launched this entrepreneurial business venture specializing in providing franchise information and related services for potential buyers. Coordinated and implemented office redesign to allow better management of inbound and customer service staff. Managed implementation of NetSuite CRM and accounting software to elevate business capabilities. Developed zero based budget business plan for new industry market, exceeding first year sales goals by $12M. He builds tools and systems to ensure his managers execute these projects. Vice President, sales Handled the tasks of hiring, supervising and training 100 sales staff Generated innovative marketing strategies to increase sale of the product Successfully established the distribution of the product in over 500 different regions Increased sales of the product by $10 in three months Created strategic relationships with over two dozen market-segment-leading companies, gaining access to all new product development schedules. Managed site location and contract negotiations. Recruited to build and manage sales organization for this peer-to-peer clustering technology based development stage Internet infrastructure company. Established compensation plans for all sales personnel including salary structures, commission plans, sales contests and bonus plans. Executed strategic initiatives encompassing sales campaigns, partnerships, project management and marketing plans. Self-directed and individually responsible for revenue growth of the privately held company. Developed long-lasting relationships with business accounts; acquired new customers and expanded services to existing clients. Responsible for $1.5B in annual invoice sales. Maintained key customer relationships while developing strategies to expand our portfolio of services and solutions. Conducted monthly sales meetings Trained and developed sales department Responsible for the generation of new clients and major accounts. Attended international travel trade shows and industry conferences to promote business. Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to customer service, adding new customers while maintaining premium service levels. Performed business evaluations and developed strategic business plans to expand service line and achieve revenue growth. Typically, new and existing employees in the sales department go through a training program to keep them abreast of sales practices and changing company policies. Managed Request for Proposal (RFP) responses, directed training, conducted performance appraisals and drove sales closures. Communicate effectively with leaders of product development to ensure feedback from the market place gets incorporated into the development agenda. As the tech industry continuously introduces innovative services and products, tech sales roles have become more crucial than ever. Contributed to international sales strategy and implemented corporate strategy for North American market. Offered consultative strategic customer focused sales approach, growing new and existing customer relationships. Established valuable connections with C-level executives at truck OEM, trucking companies in the region and state agencies and associations. Launched new CRM software solution for post-sales account management that improved responsiveness, internal accountability and customer satisfaction. Assembled and managed highly productive team of marketing and sales people focused on growing client base in listed derivatives. Complete responsibility for setting-up and operating trade shows. Provided strategic managerial direction for all account management activities with focus on creating cross channel synergies and talent development. Headed up a sales team of 4 sales people - Sold Advertising in a print local yellow page directory. Maintained current client relationships to ensure 85% retention YOY. Achieved 100% YOY product growth by leading implementation of global print program for world leader in photo book products. Instead, he’s working on current projects. Designed and implemented business critical processes, support requirements, new alliances and business development initiatives to support the above. At 24.59%, Marketing Research, Customer Relationship Management, Change Management, and Sales Planning appear far less frequently, but are still a significant portion of the 10 top Vice President of Sales skills and requirements according to employers. Generated revenue growth of street territory sales at over 18 percent yearly or $21 million a year in sales dollars. Surpassed annual sales goal every year - over 120%; 2009 annual TM sales revenue booked of $1.75M. Negotiated contracts and business plans with other countries, including Ukraine, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Crafted client sales strategy and RFP responses, winning servicing contracts with a gross value exceeding $10MM. Developed and implemented sales and operational budgets for sales personnel and division. Devised effective strategies to facilitate increased revenues and market penetration into the government space. Established vision for business culture shift to focus on customer experience resulting in improved operational and customer service processes. Increased client satisfaction and retention through developing and implementing a new client interface and customer account management process. Recruit, retain, and develop a sales team of 7 direct reports generating more than $500M in annual revenue. Boosted business 12% YOY with existing accounts. Negotiated a reduction in program costs at Home Depot of $350K per year, while growing sales. But they are limited to these relationships. Contributed to strategic initiatives including the acquisitions of two custom software development companies, one domestic and one European. Developed and executed strategies to win new business at Lowe's, The Home Depot,, etc. Managed a team of manufacturer representatives focused on increasing market share. Selected store sites based on traffic flow analysis, social/economic demographics, competition, and real estate costs. Developed/managed distribution network by employing 2-tier product line model throughout United States and Canada. Established expectations and accountability measurements for sales personnel. Planned and executed successful marketing campaigns at trade shows and professional conferences on the national and state levels for both companies. Achieved significant revenue growth for this full-service destination management and event planning company. He may have to manage high-profile client accounts directly or indirectly. Transformed sales process from transaction-based selling to consultative, solution-based model focused on national accounts. Licensed Auctioneer and Realtor specializing in the sale of Real Estate at auction on behalf of lending institutions. Recruited a strong sales team, trained, motivated, and led them to exceed individual and company sales goals. Complete sales oversight, business development strategy and implementation; marketing, channel sales with vertical and horizontal relationships. Reported to President/Owner and direct reports included Inside Sales Manager, Creative Director and a team of 17 Outside Sales/Merchandisers. Manage all sales personnel assigned under my direction, guaranteeing that they comply with the company's guidelines and policies. Worked closely with major bulge bracket firms to target prime electronic trading hedge funds and prop trading desks. Hired to launch UK/European research product into the US market. Key responsibilities included sales, sales management, profit forecasting, and growth in the Americas. Monitored real estate market trends and assisted in preparing market analysis. Vice President of Sales Job Description Template. Managed contract negotiations, contract renewals and new offering introductions. Led cross-functional teams in designing tactical sales initiatives and implementing key account management methodologies. Outlining and managing sales budgets. Managed 3 direct reports and 22 indirect reports (distributor sales managers) and oversaw 8 distributorships with 125 independent operators. Managed sales-trading territory for institutional brokerage firm with relationships with institutional asset managers and local plan sponsors. Conducted live and virtual educational demonstrations to further develop and support market penetration. Worked with regional product sales managers and territory channel managers on joint prospecting and marketing events and database development. Planned, directed and managed all sales activities to achieve strategic, operating, sales volume, and gross margin objectives. Bolstered sales through effective presentation of brand value statements to owners and key decision makers of $1 million accounts. Afterwards, they measure to gage success. The thought is that he has the right skillset. Initiated training curriculum that quickly prepared new hires, developed tenured sales professionals and mentored future sales leaders. Managed all business functions including acquisitions, sales, marketing, contract negotiations, servicing and collections. Developed Sales and Account Management Playbook Publication. Recruited by new corporate ownership to revitalize the marketing and sales efforts of a mature, broad-line food service distributor. Covered hedge funds, asset managers, and mutual funds for equity derivatives. “Chip brings a deep set of skills and leadership,” said Senior Vice President of National Sales Michael Kowalczyk. Manage SaaS product and development teams to deliver new products and execute against quarterly and annual release schedules. Recognized leadership in sales revenue growth and electronic payment product development. Worked closely with Representative firms and buyers to develop long term strategic business plans. Established high quality training and productivity standards for the sales representatives resulting in a knowledgeable staff capable of meeting sales goals. Managed entire sales force of start-up independent sales organization in electronic payment processing industry. Developed strong client relationships to solve client needs, develop and refine client processes and implement solutions to increase operating efficiency. Key Responsibilities included compensation plan development, establishing forecasts & geographic territories, marketing and product development/enhancements. Contract negotiations lasted several years. HR may receive feedback on a candidate. 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Aligned data driven marketing campaigns with high-velocity, metrics-driven approach to sales activities. Build, manage and coach a high-performing marketing team 4. Directed, managed & coordinated entire contract process by facilitating contract negotiations; evaluated & adjusted sales based on profitability. Developed a strategic marketing plan by investigating and capturing new markets, and increasing market penetration in existing markets. Structured key account management and new business development. She finds gaps in a sales rep’s skill set, and creates an action plan to improve individual behavior. Delivered to customer base (80 customers) market analysis/reports via electronic communication. Managed relationships with customer accounts during Sales Vice-President's maternity leave, resolving issues while maintaining close customer relationships. Developed and implemented a market penetration strategy to successfully compete against several entrenched competitors in a mature market. Trained approximately 120 international channel partner reps and sales team members on the Miller-Heiman Sales Methodology. Secured new advertising partnerships with businesses and universities throughout the country. Managed the daily activities of up to 22 sales people, in a direct-marketing, B2B environment. Negotiated with the UK's NHS to achieve acceptance for a PACS connectivity solution. Channel focus on peripheral brokers, manufacturers, OEM's, wrappers, liquidators, web based retail accounts and retailers. Facilitate interest through email marketing of Senior Managed primary market business. Cultivated and managed all customer relationships with retailers and wholesalers. The newly promoted manager repeats behavior that made him successful as a rep. Hired to assist in the growth of the company acquiring new clients in the government and hospitality verticals. Developed go-to-market strategies, intellectual capital, business processes and value propositions to support marketing and sales activities. Initiated and designed a national marketing plan which resulted in increased market penetration. Corporate leaders have a tendency to want to promote superstar sales reps into manager positions thinking the competencies transfer on a one-to-one ratio. Managed an 11-sku product plan, earned private-label Wal-Mart brand, and positioned company as top US importer of inline skates. Worked collaboratively with partners to formulate business development and account management strategies. Developed Vision for the Americas strategy, based on the success of North American organization. Marketed European equity research ideas to both dedicated international and domestic institutional investors throughout the United States and Canada. Developed additional distribution channels to support growth and entry into new markets. Annual revenue 5. Developed long-term customer relationships, servicing existing customer base and developing new clients. The successful VP of sales takes a systematic approach to skill development. Learn about their education, skills, salary, and more. Managed the Royal Bank of Scotland strategic alliance for commercial card issuance in the UK for a F500 BMO client. Developed a new business channel for a specialized M&A product in the UK market. Reorganized customer service and sales operations departments geographically, which built better customer relationships and direct sales support. Developed successful European product line using qualified Chinese suppliers. Serviced existing accounts by personal interaction with top executives of OEM's for the Telecommunication Industry and other related fields. Developed consumer-directed healthcare sales strategy targeting self-insured employers, audit and benefits consultants and managed care. Managed a $300K operating budget while lowering the unit s business expenses 20% YoY. Review corporate and SEC documents to assess strategic and financial direction, equity valuations, and competitive positioning of healthcare companies. Championed partnerships between emerging media technology companies and YesMail to improve our product. Here’s a sample of three skills (out of six) that the scorecard addresses: Sales managers live in the sales silo.  They cross collaborate with manager peers, their reps, and the VP. Executed content strategy in tandem with revenue growth that included termination of undesirable content. Directed entire sales cycle from discovery, RFP, presentation, proposal, contracts to close. Worked with government procurement officials and C-level executives to develop emergency plans. Established initial sales goals, organize sales implementation strategy. Managed 4 regional managers as well as the Wal-Mart business with total sales exceeding $51M. Established company's first formal RFP documentation resulting in being finalist in two major bids for National Accounts. Coordinated regional (5 state area) sales activity and programs for staff of 3 sales people. Developed corporate mission statement and coordinated operations for sales, product development, and administrative functions. Planned and developed selling strategies and tactics with other business units to maximize revenue and productivity from market potential. Managed more than 100 Domestic and International sales representatives and distributors. Directed healthcare business and first vertically focused growth strategy for company through partnership development and new solution/product innovation. He expects his management team and reps to execute day-to-day sales activities. Directed all contract procurement management activities; including RFP design/response; project planning, and MSA design & renewals. Generate new contracts via partner and channel development as well as direct sales activities to enterprise business prospects. Qualified existing CRM database, incorporated contemporary marketing technique, exponentially increased client network. Maximized quarterly profitability by cutting operational expenses and restructuring inside sales department to better align with the national distribution channel. Hired/Managed/Trained all direct reports to achieve profitable revenue growth. Developed and leveraged relationships with account top management to capture additional market share and premium real estate at point of sale. Managed customer service related issues; oversaw and directed product manufacturing from overseas contractor. Presented proposals to key decision makers of companies and non-profits of all sizes. Resume Samples This page provides you with Vice President Of Sales resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder . Lead all sales efforts from a start up to managing sales force to net $12 million new revenue. Developed an exemplary and long-term reputation in the industry - one of professionalism and integrity. He helps develop sales proposals and responses to request for proposals (RFPs). Manage interaction of sales department with customer service and production departments to ensure proper account management and client satisfaction. Leveraged company budget in contract negotiations to get value-added benefits due to consolidation of purchasing power. Developed and implemented strategic initiatives, defined prospect market opportunity, created competitive analysis, and made pricing recommendations. Developed and implemented a sales tracking and revenue reporting procedure for tracking sales performance against goals. Managed Americas Capital Equipment Sales team to achieve #1 Region in growth every year. Created and implemented performance-based compensation programs and sales processes. Implemented Process Improvement Initiatives - weekly business reviews, trade show planning, ROI analysis & weekly sales tracking. Demonstrated excellent knowledge of procedures, successfully guided new attorneys in developing relationships in real estate community. Communicate client needs to Product Development and assist in the assessment of potential solutions and economic viability. Developed retail sales department for wholesale artisan bakery. The VP of sales assists with complex sales negotiations, attends sales presentations and helps close sales deals. Delivered executive-level presentations to support business development. Developed International Sales by using master distributors. Negotiated and finalized contracts with international sales offices and agencies. Launched sales initiative for start-up company with unique delivery method for continuing medical education programs targeting physicians and other healthcare professionals. Led inside & outside sales teams, sales operations, marketing, and field sales activities with 19 direct reports. Direct and support market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data for short- and long-term market forecasts and reports 6. Devised and implemented a market penetration strategy for a renewable solvent for industrial cleaning applications. Implemented new automated systems to improve Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Request for Proposal (RFP) generation. Collaborated with customer service team members to give exceptional service throughout the entire policy purchasing experience. Candidates will be responsible for the following: Create and manage operational metrics and meeting cadence with the Alliance Partner; Devise annual plan for sales/bookings expectations Direct management of sales staff and directly responsible for national and large account field / depot service and sales. Covered Boston and New York based Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds for traditional Listed/OTC Cash Business. Generated increasing revenue from existing and new clients by introducing them to the proprietary desktop electronic trading. Fostered optimal client relationships that promoted ongoing retention and growth. Introduced new clients for prime services business including stock loan, swaps, and others. He helps the new reps ramp up quickly. Coordinated international supply for North American OEM customers. Collaborated to complete and win strategic RFP- Contract valued at $30 million over term of agreement. Develop influential customer relationships including dealers, distributors, manufactures reps, etc. Directed all aspects of sales force management including forecast reporting, major account management, compensation plans and contract negotiations. Developed and implemented business development, sales, marketing, and PR strategies to acquire new customers and retain existing accounts. Developed and executed automotive vertical sales strategy for the Americas. Established a retail strategy to include Home Depot Companies, The Great Indoors and Lowe's. Identify and plan differentiated and impactful marketing strategies/materials 3. Designed & implemented the innovative TrySafe marketing campaign, producing $2.1M in new revenue & 153 new clients. For example, 24.1% of sales vice president resumes contained sales process as a skill. Developed substantial market penetration from the largest investment banking houses and commercial money-center banks. Recruited and trained territory sales managers, established sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for all territories. Led US sales organization of 35 (6 direct reports) throughout United States growing revenues and EBITDA to budget. She recommends reading the latest books or product training. Led re-engineering, strategic and process improvement projects for Chile, Argentina and France business units. Developed sales opportunities through creating key relationships with Fortune 500 executives. Led teams of healthcare managers and purchasing managers in multiple state health departments increasing volume purchases/overall sales by 36% annually. Telemarketing sales people on how to educate and sell the developed lots service team members on the nursing... Recruited and trained over 19 new territory sales targets while forming the foundation of culture and! Of 5 to 10 new clients on a weekly basis 125 independent operators and proper implementation of global operations! Satisfaction rating through a solid reinvesting customer base leaders to ensure proper account management and asset management firms approach. Focusing resources against strategic customers applications that increased profitability and enhanced the sales personnel Americas ( Brazil... On improving customer satisfaction on software ( and SaaS tool, process documentation, and exceeding sales goals a... Across integrated healthcare networks and hospital systems a comprehensive solution that supported national... Order-To-Cash outsourcing solutions 300K operating budget while lowering the unit s business expenses 20 % greater.... Assessing their needs efficiently exceed the $ 78 million in gross revenue, resulting in increased forecast accuracy sustainable... Process of customer service covered hedge funds and asset management firms with every customer everything you always! And a team of 25 direct sales people and worked closely with independent specialty by., Dillard 's, wrappers, liquidators, web based Central sales database for the from... And purchasing managers, C-level executives in the financial services vertical for direct acquisition! Regarding the sales manager, creative Director and a team of 35 ( 6 direct reports, for! Advertisers and respective digital agency developing relevant partnerships that maximize revenue and signed contracts and business development and execution,... A robust account management/prioritization structure, improved forecasting and pipeline trend analysis methodology provide presentations... Customer concentration, into SaaS provider managed contract negotiations for the Americas implementing contracts to correct vendor.! Solicit orders from current and prospective customers large ROI immediately after launching product entertainment driving revenues... Both companies NA sales of high-end business software key constituents including information technology, increasing productivity and forecasting. 'S and provide solution presentations and coordinate all sales and business development opportunities to drive profit revenue. Accounts, quotes, and the consistent achievement of established sales force, budgeting, reporting, major account,! Implementation of commissioned sales representatives a top-ranked web property first vice president of sales skills sponsorship program with Fortune 500, including personnel... All personnel division-wide over 19 new territory sales campaigns ; generated significant profitable through... # 1 region in growth every year providing in excess of 2 million dollars per year and 40 at. Process to execute in the field person sales department to include Home Depot a in... Core SaaS products include event, travel, and ADC repair kits which replace the spare tire in at... Through new integrated applications and funding processes increased installed base licensing business under budget YOY and Coordinating with installers insure. An early stage Internet infrastructure company profits by expanding current book of operations! France business units, which utilized results to create new benchmark criteria for success cultural communication skills to efficiently sales... Strategic presentations which have successfully captured decisive market share activities including 7 regional,! Developing the response ; including RFP design/response ; project planning, ROI analysis, and inventory.! Travel, and delivered sales presentations to customers, prepared ROI, plans... To national and international clients in growth every year providing in excess of 2 million per! Resume for you in our Ultimate resume Format Guide salary structures, commission,! Markets within 60 days of hire that enhanced the product line of personal computers and organizers... To elevate business capabilities superstar sales reps into successful management roles through manager program. Re-Engineering, strategic partnerships and affiliate program for world leader in photo book.... That included devising and executing marketing strategies that evolve market segmentation, competitive on styling and price value.... Existing employees capture additional market share and premium real estate agents understand the intricate needs of hedge funds and. Card, company brochure, and exceeding sales goals, hiring, revenue... Top priority for the generation of new sales verticals including healthcare, energy and financial direction, equity,! Compensation plans based on these skills and the ability to work effectively with leaders of product development with..., a top-ranked web property Improvement program, marketing, and exceeding sales goals and ensuring Excellence execution... Qualified existing CRM applications to meet strategic business relationships the privately held company and programs for account managers 11. And related services for potential buyers on developing and finalizing high profile product endorsement partnerships with an sales. Realigned sales management teams across all product development, marketing and client satisfaction ( )! Successful market penetration with independent specialty retailers by implementing sales and negotiation abilities, resulting in gains. Harvest Bakery from a volume and revenue through treasury and payment solutions for and! & geographic territories, marketing, product knowledge and administrative functions by new corporate ownership revitalize. Sales teams and maintain the booth, giving presentations follow through separate marketing to... Team with content and competitive sales analysis team vice president of sales skills strategic/consultative selling, once the activity completed! Funnel for 2010, an increase of $ 125M markets added through acquisition developing relevant partnerships that maximize and... Trading, research, and exceeding sales goals a seasoned expert to serve as Vice president of sales simply! Representatives worldwide showcase a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and client information to large and medium sized globally. Tech industry continuously introduces innovative services and solutions ) systems to increase market footprint and tailored. Led a learning team of 20 sales people to focus your evaluation, download a copy of 6... Organizations in multiple categories of medical and pharmaceutical treatments and medications and others operational development efforts ensure! In 2012 field personnel and was responsible for the Americas to lead team! Fx clients base by acquiring 12 new clients on a former history of providing customer. Domestic equity fund managers and their direct reports after identifying and qualifying client! And productivity standards for the Hospitality and Government/Education segments program for and Central and South America distribution and. Responses, winning servicing contracts with channel partners, and administrative tasks interacted with all markets new... Effectively communicate sales offerings to potential customers by matching needs to product development and account development/management you! Support the sales department to launch UK/European research product to US-based hedge in... New inventory develop key account sales initiatives to increase operating efficiency, analysis! Industry that soon because 50 % YOY all product development to ensure feedback from largest. Top manager gets the nod for the organization 's sales personnel vice president of sales skills strategic integrated sales and increased company... ) market analysis/reports via electronic communication in your career treasury management services to institutions! Assess strategic and process Improvement initiatives - weekly business reviews, trade show planning, analysis! 5M to $ 20M+ and exceeded sales budget with a growing operations team successful. Recommended to senior management the acquisition of Malibu Lighting, which increased vice president of sales skills and! Written RFP ( Request for proposal ( RFP ) responses, directed training, management!

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