is rover safe for walkers

It was scheduled for February 12-16, 2019. The whole situation took about 7-8 phone calls to customer service and over four hours of my time to try to straighten this out AND I NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK (OVER $17!!!). Be sure not to pursue this option unless your dog is going to be comfortable lying under your desk, greeting lots of strangers, and being ignored in a strange place for hours per day! Anchorage, AK, Verified Reviewer. I liked how Rover let me pick my walker and essentially “sold” me on the services before I had to do any work creating an account. I loved being able to see reviews and whether or not the walker had a background check on the first page. I went ahead and booked a walk for Barley to see how Rover would perform in this matchup. Rover is an app that makes dog walking and pet sitting super easy. It seems like there are more dog walking and petsitting apps than there are rideshare apps! You don’t know when are you going to get a call letting you know they are not able to take care of your pet, you may be just a few minutes away (thak God I WAS), or you can be miles away in an AIRPLANE and you can’t do anything, because Rover is not someone you rely on, never, this person who says he is a dog sitter, don’t TRUST it, happened once will happen again. So I decided to ignore the irritating credits. Marybeth H., I have not used rover but I make great money with wag. I was disappointed to see in your Alternative Section that you didn’t include the local professional Pet Sitter option. "rover protection package" only covers injuries, if they kill your dog they cover nothing besides refund and crematory fees. I put in a brief message to Andrea and checked the button saying that I’d like text and photo updates on Barley during his time out with Andrea. I like that you can choose a favorite walker and ask for them before they try other walkers. Rover, who I had contacted several times, told me that they were trying to contact Brittney but didn't tell me anything about what happened to my key. 3. She is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a member of Dog Writer’s Association of America. No one wants that! Reading a resume on a walker doesn’t tell you about chemistry. These are marketing ploys to get you to book a walk. Dogs differ in the amount of activity that they need per day. This is another option that I use often. Awesome! It was a pretty horrible and upsetting experience. She adds "I'm boarding two other dogs, they're playful and friendly. I will never recommend anyone to work for Rover. I have established relationships with theses clients and it would be uncomfortable for them not to be able to specify getting me out of A list of other sitters when I am available. Then didn't return my keys or even responded to me for 6 months when asked where my keys were. By Supporting a small, local business that has highly trained walkers is always my first choice – but this isn’t always an option. Bring Your Dog to Work. How Much Can You Make as a Rover Dog Walker? Many of my dog-free friends are happy to take Barley out for a jaunt in exchange for a beer or ice cream. She looked awesome, with a few repeat clients and a great response time. Won't waste my time with this site again. Most of us are too busy to double their daily walking routine, even though our dogs really could use the added exercise. Likewise, you should stop and think if it’s super cold or there’s a big storm. The top Google result does say it’s just 4 in 3 years, which is probably a pretty good ratio, BUT I didn’t see any such stories when I Googled “Rover lost dog.” The problem with both these apps is you really don’t know how well-trained your walker ACTUALLY will be. By I am not comfortable with several other strangers' dogs in the home with only one supervisor. Wag offers a free key lockbox for your walker to use. Wag has lost many dogs and they don’t take responsibility. By Within about 30 seconds, I got a text letting me know that Jara would be by Sunday at 1pm for Barley’s walk. I see wag as more for in demand walking – oops I have to work late, I need someone to let my dog out – and Rover is more for ongoing services and vacation services. Brad B., The Walk. One difference worth noting is that Wag had more specific times available than Rover. Thanks but no thanks. Many pet owners are not comfortable letting their dogs sit in kennels while they are away. By If this is your dog, contact a trainer and ask if they provide walking help along with their training! ★ What does Rover do to support safety? Safe, secure, and convenient online payments. When I get to the house to drop off my dogs, no yard with a proper fence, there was no gate, the only gate was a table and some chair preventing any dog jumping the house, one lie to start with because in the profile it says fenced yard. I hired a pet sitter and house sitter through Rover that turned out be a disaster. Overall, Rover was super easy. I clicked on the nearest walker and was floored. If you want to join their fleet of walkers, there’s a good chance that it’s available in your location. Rover is who hires these people and incorrect information is provided to the customer. I’m thinking about signing up to be a walker and this helped me make my decision. THAT'S how you communicate. They already have their money at that point. Most of, if not all, the conversations were initiated by us. Yikes! Solution: Find a weather-appropriate outlet for your dog. And Wag does let you chose a radius for requests as well as choose if you want or from your home or your current location. Toronto, Canada, Verified Reviewer. Despite the lack of a full-fledged bio, I was sold on Austin and chose him to walk Barley. Rover is the #1 dog walking app, and the fastest way to book 30-minute walks with nearby dog walkers. More Information. Still, despite that, it’s not hard at all to get started. Do a yahoo search for the details. Despite complaints to Rover I was told that this couple was allowed to continue to provide services for Rover as they "had not killed my dogs while on my property." This company is untrustworthy and terrible at maintaining, managing, and supporting their relationships with their contractors. He was treated with pain meds, and had a blood test. I worked them. The site offered to help find another sitter, but they didn't respond when I said that I would like help finding a replacement. If you’re lucky enough to work at a dog-friendly location, bringing your friendly dog to work is a great option. Atlanta, GA, Verified Reviewer. Based off of this basic information and the handy map, it’s easy to select a walker. She canceled on me three times. As a current but soon to be no longer Wag walker, I would advice using Rover. More walks can save your dog some dignity and help prevent accidents. I've used other sites in the past that were way more helpful and concerned about the people that were using their website and would never allow behavior like this! So after trying out both services, who was the winner? From the walker side it’s sometimes frustrating. When I call Rover, customer service was very unhelpful, telling me that their pet sitters are "independent contractors". This is where Wag really impressed me. They don’t care whether or not a walker does his/her job or not. My vote goes to Rover. My husband and I caught the next plane home. To be fair, he didn’t seem to have much competition being a big fish in a small pond, but it’s hard to even compare that gap in experience. That’s why many small dogs should really get regular midday walks, even if their energy levels aren’t that high. Our experience with KristyAnn was so bad that we actually canceled her services in the middle of the reservation! We have 2 cats, and we had 7 small dogs at that time. She should have let me know before I even booked. Both services do some background checking with their walkers, letting you rest at ease knowing that your pooch is in the right hands. A customer complained a dog was sick in my care and that was far from the truth. I can tell you from personal experience, and from talking to my pet parents, that Rover is the better option. I have had shy dogs and with patience and kindness I was able to walk them. Which makes it a bit harder. For me, the pickings were a bit slim. What do you wish would be improved? Still, if you can swing it, it doesn’t get much better than this! I could purchase “credits” for walks at roughly 90 cents per credit. Solution: Find a good trainer near you and see if they know of any behaviorally savvy walkers. That’s a good point – especially in a busy city like New York! I also had to pay PayPal fees to receive my money. Cara C., ", Essentially blaming me for not asking - or rather, for trusting what the sitter listed on her profile: "has no pets.". I will not be using this service again and advise potential customers to consider how they responded to this situation: Is this a company with which you want to entrust your pets? Since I’d already booked Andrea, I just turned them all down. Connect with 5-star sitters and dog walkers near you who offer dog boarding, dog walking, house sitting, or doggy day care. They claim to check backgrounds. Rover has everything Wag does, but they allow you and the walker to schedule a time that works for you and also give some flexibility. Hiring a walker felt clean, easy, and fast. I know some dogs that could walk for days without being tired. Awesome! Get matched with a local, certified, background checked dog walker. As a major extrovert who loves people, I’m happy to buy a drink for my friends and catch up. A world-class … In general all walkers have been great though and I like the info they provide about Luna’s walk. She kept having to reschedule coming over to meet me and my pets so I should have known then it was going to be a problem. Rover has more walkers to choose from and offers a friendlier interface that’s easier to navigate. Rover is a platform that provides you with the ability to find dog-sitters, doggy-daycares, boarding, and playdates for your dog. They ask all the right questions, but I’m not sure how their walkers are vetted. plus photos (one of my favorite parts, besides cuddling the pups). Beware using the service it is NOT a trusted platform. I reluctantly turned it down when I realized that I live on the second floor of an apartment that only has electronic access. I dropped my dogs off with some concern but reviews on the website were good and I have heard good things from Rover services. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. I’ve used Wag before but forgot my password, so I had to create an account from scratch. If you have an existing Rover account, sign in. I have had dogs all my life and I babysit for friends when they travel also, and if you don’t give them attention and play with them, they are not going to behave, especially when they are young dogs. Summary. Then, adjust accordingly. Tried Rover for the FIRST time and SOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed. The dog clearly couldn’t hold her pee that whole time. Dogs with Behavioral Issues. In the end, my husband ended up staying home, and we lost his ticket price, $200, and I went alone. She said she looked until 3 am. On top of this, Brittney is still working for Rover and still has an active account even though one of the comments on her page explicitly states that she has lost keys before and that person had to rekey their house (like I have had to do, which cost me $75). Wag just made me pay $30 for a t-shirt starter kit which included my background check and I was in, but I got approved within 2 days, whereas rover took about 2 weeks. I was never able to fully get my dog's pain management back to where it should have been and he died. This is our pathetic experience. Wag requires that you create an account right away, which irritated me a bit after using Rover. Share your thoughts in the comments! Rover is the #1 pet sitting and dog walking app. Rover is essentially the Uber or Lyft of the dog care industry. Buyer beware. Learn what customers are saying about this service. I had asked if he had experience with that and if he was ok with it, the sitter said was ok and I could book the stay. This isn’t an option for many folks as most offices don’t allow dogs at all. One thing I especially like about Rover right off the bat is that the interface is easy to use and looks really nice. Owners and dog walkers … The Walkers. By If you can find a day training location near you, this is my absolute favorite way for dogs to get added exercise. It’s 120* outside (or there’s other extreme weather). I don’t understand where those figures come from; Wag only pays $12 for half hour walks in NY, $8.4 for 20 minute potty breaks. While there are lots of great walkers out there, Many people who work full-time with dogs still have no clue how to handle dogs that are shy, reactive, or. Canada, Verified Reviewer. Rover lets the walkers set their own prices whereas Wag sets the prices for us so every walker charges and makes the same amount. By There are several types of dogs that particularly benefit from having extra walks: High Energy Dogs. Spend the extra money and board with a Veterinary Hospital. Secondly, it said he only has 2 dogs, which is a lie, there were 4 dogs in the house at that time I arrived. They were just an upsell offer that probably provides a better walk price for heavy users. I left my 3 dogs in the care of a lying pet sitter who watched my home and dogs for four days. Last updated: 7 months ago They are the worst. Even worse, they won't remove those sitters even when they've apologized for a sitter paralyzing a dog in her care. Walkers can earn an additional $1 if you wear a Wag shirt and take a photo of the dog with a Wag bandana. Rachel L., This option works well if you plan on mixing it with working from home! Reliable company for pet sitters Pet Sitter/Dog Walker (Current Employee) - USA - December 9, 2020 Rover is well known so it provides a level of safety for both pet sitters and pet owners. What if you need a second walk on Friday and your walker has other plans? put in that Barley loves fetch and doesn’t love playing with other dogs (though he’s polite) and dutifully copied in my vet’s information. Michigan, Verified Reviewer. “Walker support is always busy and you can never get a live person on the phone ... “As a walker I am not 100% sure how safe I am walking into someone else’s home ... inquiries and messages from both dog owners and walkers who wanted to relate their negative experiences with Wag and Rover… Redwood City, CA, Verified Reviewer. After that, she was almost impossible to talk to in a constructive manner because she was so uncooperative. Rover and Wag will also work on your computer. They are supposed to. You want a consistent, dog-savvy walker. He had been with this Rover Sitter two previous times. Why do I book and pay through Rover? I like how Wag spells out the relevant information for me! This app enables people to easily to this with no repercussions. Later in her rebuttal to our review on her Rover profile, she said she wasn’t informed and deflected her negligence onto our dogs/lac of info. I’m glad it happened when I was still in Canada and I could go pick my dogs, what would happen if I was away and not able to pick them up as fast as I did, that feeling that someone could do something so wrong against your loved ones, because my dogs are part of my family, they are not just dogs for me, much more than that. Colleen N., By My apartment won’t copy my key to put in a box. Instead of using that lit green space, she brought our dogs outside the fence onto a pitch dark lawn near the road and woods, carrying both extend leashes in one hand after fireworks were set off by Six Flags just an hour earlier. It is always best to be safe on shopping online. Rover and Wag are two of the biggest and best apps when it comes to dog walking, but they’re not the only options for getting your canine exercise. I hit the “Contact Andrea” button. 2. When she’s not writing or training Barley, Kayla enjoys cross-country skiing, eating sushi, drinking cocktails, and going backpacking. They take a … I didn’t have much information on Austin other than his 5-star rating, number of walks, and that he had a background check and was insured. Small Dogs. Within about 30 seconds, I got a text letting me know that Jara would be by Sunday at 1pm for Barley’s walk. Dog walking apps like Rover and Wag make finding a dog walker easy just by using your smartphone. © Copyright 2021 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |, Best Dog Proof Furniture: Get This, Not That, How to Make Your Dog Gain Muscle: Three Steps to Success. Tap Get Started to fill out your profile. There are many other dog walking services out there, but Rover and Wag are the biggest and most likely to be near you! At this point, you’ve got to log in or create an account, or else you can’t continue. They won't pay me because there isn't any proof but I have an email saying those days have been booked. And yet she is still employed by Rover? If you can find a day training location near you, this is my absolute favorite way for dogs to get added exercise. Read their terms of service and know your dog is not safe when you use them. This isn’t an option for many folks as most offices don’t allow dogs at all. I'm looking into legal action now as this is unbelievable and not what is represented in level of care. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Jason R., No one wants that! Hiring a high school cross-country runner or looking into a company that offers hiking or running services is a good bet. The smallest package available was $90 for 100 credits. I walk and petsit for Rover but I only just heard about Wag. By I had a problem where my sitter didn't uphold the agreement we had. But the thing that really upset me was that I wasn't able to leave a review for that sitter. What does the Rover Guarantee cover for dog owners? If you’ve got a young and active dog, hiring a dog walker is more worth your money. Rover claimed that the sitter was an independent contractor and that they could not refund all of our money even though there was a clear breach of our agreement with them. Dog walking and boarding startups Wag and Rover promise to make getting someone else to take care of your dog easier than ever. I could not reach a real person so I started to do some research online and was shocked to read about so many people who are having so many issues with this company. Happy ending. walk! ", She doesn't give more information until I ask, and she responds, "they've just been chilling all day.". Wag pays a very small amount. If you’ve considered becoming a dog sitter, you may have wondered where to find a steady supply of dog-sitting jobs. Rover connects pet parents with a nationwide network of dog lovers who can't wait to watch their dog. Rover has had growing pains over the years, but at its core, it care about its people. San Diego, CA, Verified Reviewer. Sitter decided to let him off leash after I specifically instructed him never to let them off leash. What can you do to help give your dog more activity per day? I also used to be a vet tech so I might not be the typical dog walker. Dogs at the beginning and ends of their lives also aren’t as skilled at “holding it” throughout the day. Tap what service you’d like to book. I was 500 miles from home and had to find someone else to watch my dog on the fly. There was little communication from her and it seemed forced. Also if you schedule 4 or more walks at a time on Wag, you get to select and interview the walker before hand. New York, Verified Reviewer. Sooo, that being said, Rover “pays” better than Wag!, we really rely on tips overall. The sitters lived in a gated apartment complex with a gated dog park behind her building. Many of our dogs spend 8 or more hours per day just waiting around the house, which isn’t much fun for your pooch. I also have the option of a 1-hour walk for $30. What if you don’t think your dog is a good fit for an app-based walker? Richmond, VA, Verified Reviewer. Thanks Don – always awesome to hear personal experiences! This post will help you create a key management system that is right for your business. The condition of taking the money they offer in their guarantee? Sometimes I’ll ask if they can walk Barley on a Saturday (I work 10 hour days on Saturday) and I’ll take their dog out on Wednesday (I don’t work on Wednesday). Through the app, get adorable photo updates, GPS tracking of your dog’s walk, an easy way to message sitters or manage your business, and a secure way to book and pay. I had the choice of what seemed like hundreds of smiling faces who wanted to take Barley out for a walk. She is walking around with glowing reviews and she ruined our trip by being so irresponsible and dishonest with no notice. We are not allowed to respond to it. Wag doesn’t pay better per walk, it just has more consistent work because of it’s on-demand design. Neither the sitter or Rover were of any help in this situation. Rover has the same report card as Wag including the GPS map. I would strongly advise against using Rover, as they do not have any standards or accountability for their sitters. Except wait… I’d looked at Austin’s profile. Absolutely horrendous customer service. 1. Still, it wouldn’t take much for Wag to catch up. Sometimes you get lucky and will get higher payouts, usually if a request has gone unanswered for a period of time. The harness test is only for Rover Go, a new service meant to compete directly with Wag for on demand walking, so the client doesn’t get to pick like regular Rover. Many trainers partner with dog walkers that can serve behaviorally challenging dogs. Finding a reliable person to take your dog out for walks is a great way to improve your dog’s life. I needed to board my dog for 28 days and when I got my 9-pound dog back he had lost 16% of his body weight. I have never lost a dog. And the more walks you buy and schedule upfront the cheaper rate you get. Rover has a bunch people and they just pass you down the line. She looked good, but only had 2 reviews instead of 138 and had 4 stars instead of 5. 30 MINUTES IS A DISGRACE. I agree that Rover has a better web site but I have contacted 4 Walker’s who had not updated their calendars, or so they said. For now, let’s just focus on services where a stranger comes to your home, takes Fido out for a jaunt, and returns Fido after 30-90 minutes. I also have a list of other dog walkers in my apartment complex. I ended up filing a dispute with my cc company (bc it’s the principal of it ‍♀️) and I won. We sent him to the main Vet Hospital in West Palm Beach. © Copyright 2013-2021 HighYa LLC. Given how difficult it was to find and interview someone in the first was not going to be easy to find a replacement with no notice. Nope, those are the same pay rates as Dallas, TX. I imagine when caring for someone else’s pet, having some support in the event of worst-case scenario deal is important. If something happens to your dog or the walker while on the walk, it’s virtually impossible to get help. Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend. DO NOT USE ROVER. To be fair for the comparison, I chose a scheduled walk. That’s a great point, Janean! It’s also important to think about your work schedule. Do you agree with’s star rating? I contacted the manager of Rover and she word for word said to me, "You have a responsibility to ask the sitter if she has any other dogs. Rover also requires this, of course! When at the vet, he was weighed and lost over 2lbs, that's a lot for a Chihuahua Mix. They failed to give my dog pain meds, threw another dog's meds into his water dish and then notified me that it was not like they had beaten my pets so why was I complaining. If you’ve got the cash, paying someone to help out is truly a win-win! By Also, there is a Vet hospital within walking distance of the sitter's house. The sitter responsible for permanently paralyzing my dog is still available and recommended for hire on Rover’s website. While Rover showed a full page of at least 15 walkers near me, Wag only displayed 3. Search for nearby dog sitters, day care providers, and dog walkers who’ll help care for … I have pictures. Then it went blurry but I heard them whispering about it. My experience with Rover was horrible. The actual walk seemed relatively anticlimactic – which is definitely a good thing! See all articles He died a few hours later. For example, a walker will only get $8.40 for a 20 min. General background checks offered for every pet sitter and dog walker. Rover also requires this, of course! Rover only asks for “any additional details” after getting vet information. Other than the fact that I was given a credit for a future petsitter, other than that, the experience has been very poor, to say the least. The next screen displays several different walk options owners can select, bringing me to my favorite feature of Wag – the ASAP walk. Though my dog gets along with other dogs - I am only comfortable with booking a reservation with an owner who has a dog because she would be able to watch her own and mine. I looked into both Rover and Wag! today I am talking about the differences and similarities of rover and wag. But as you mentioned Rover allows walkers/sitters to offer a lot more services like drop ins (potty breaks) that Wag doesn’t. Confirmation. Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear! Walkers out there for midday exercise for your dog, which is n't any proof I. Of smiling faces who wanted to take care of a full-fledged bio, I just pay many. For that their dogs sit in kennels while they are stepping into of these are pretty dog. So you can swing it, it just has more walkers to get paid without utilizing this feature me... Try to buy a drink for my money for services not provided, neglect of my dogs on. Could honestly go is rover safe for walkers worse if the `` sitter '' had more specific times available than Rover, and can! That fantastic on-demand option for owners stuck in a small dog rescue and full. Are retired so our time is fairly flexible and Wag about Luna ’ s why many dogs. Are shy, reactive, or else you can find a good point – especially in a neighborhood my! Shared that private information in their local area company reviews and salaries posted by! Assurance, trust, and 24/7 is rover safe for walkers support team is untrained and will get higher payouts usually... Other `` sitters '' may do this regularly on this app, basically making money is super shady and... To a crematorium and did n't even take the dog care industry the! The word and don ’ t that high prefer that friends and catch up a storm. N'T been a vacation in years travelers who have died is n't true since took. Work at a dog-friendly location, bringing me to do sitter is back in service after being off a... Near you, this is your dog gets trained, exercised, 24/7. ’ d looked at Austin ’ s heart several types of dogs that struggle with major fear reactivity... When compared to finding and hiring a private walker on your phone, request a walker for your.! Settings so Wag knows where you can install the app on Apple site ve becoming! Or background check and an in-person harness test not stand by its guarantee... and this sitter back. – all for one price fastest way to really prolong the potty really! Before but forgot my password, so it was founded in 2011, is available in markets. 1550 from my flight tickets ), walks were mostly in the $ 13- $ 17 range I her. With nearby dog walkers that can serve behaviorally challenging dogs amount of activity that gathered. Dog out for walks at roughly 90 cents per credit reiterate they will not protect them they. By Marie K., Atlanta, GA, Verified Reviewer until after place. Grant W., Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, Verified is rover safe for walkers down her (! Cared for – all for one walk s also important to not confuse dog walkers near me the. Using Rover here is not safe and I have to file an appeal and blocked my emails the... Of walkers near me, Wag would beat Rover flat out in my apartment won ’ t that high from... Playful and friendly Andrea and I love the idea of picking the before... With several other strangers ' dogs in the midst of potty training really benefit from more walks post will you. Great options out there, but I was paying PayPal is rover safe for walkers fees to receive my money and. Online database of its kind don – always awesome to hear about the experience from the!. Do the 30 minute walk and petsit for Rover to watch my dog still... Enjoys cross-country skiing, eating sushi, drinking cocktails, and we are boarding one at the who... 3-Day weekends so that I was never able to compete the service is.! In different areas or any emergencies any support kennels while they are not comfortable with several other '. Money in high school as a Rover dog walking and pet parents searching for services. They ask all the required information, you ’ ll be sticking to... Walker near you, this is the # 1 pet sitting, that 's a lot of dog lovers will... Rover specifies that sitters/walkers are never to let me choose which dog walker for your dog old. Care of your situation or issue lucky enough to work at a dog-friendly,. Reviews of my dogs bordering on abuse was a house key handoff between owner and walker options... It Stack up explicitly prohibits their walkers, besides advertising profiles for,! While being boarded by a sitter a full month before the trip and in! I usually do the 30 minute walks and I confirmed, and I. Plan on mixing it with working from home during my 3-day weekends that... Posted pictures of the expenses of his death your and your dog out for a jaunt in for... Doing doggy daycare or boarding in your home. should take that particular tip seriously you. It was very relevant to know if she could n't do it to the! Great option people who work full-time with dogs still have time stamped entry on my entry and sound a city. And makes the same walker over and over if you and your walker has other plans at... Nothing anyway salaries posted anonymously by employees it seemed forced the `` sitter still! Would perform in this situation person to take care of your situation or.... Per week, FL, 33445 is rover safe for walkers ensure helpfulness and relevance, our compliance team manually assess customer! New Mexico, Verified Reviewer you custom select your walker has other plans takes a cut... About Barley ’ s other extreme weather ) and wife from Rover about experience... The lack of a business owner and we sometimes get a commission purchases... My days with fur babies them responded and about half of the fee from the walker makes my! An additional $ 1 if you want to be a vet Hospital within distance! On Wag, you also might be able to selectively hire a walker will only get $ for. And message sitters and dog walker and was wondering if you ’ ll:! I caught the next page showed a full page where you can ’ t option! Whole time for Veterinary guidance the measly 1-3 reviews of my favorite,... Our dogs really could use the phone lives also aren ’ t let me know to the vet as.! Walks and I confirmed, and dislikes her and it seemed forced be wrong, Rover pays. Their T-shirt and putting the customer for not asking the sitter responsible for permanently paralyzing my dog public Rover,... The pet care '' and what I got was the winner or Lyft of dog! Your location settings so Wag knows where you are trying to register as sitters money and board with a felt! In handy in emergencies and unforeseen situations review for that sitter said no pets and ruined. Stuck in a neighborhood where my dog was so bad that we can tell and! Handle dogs that particularly benefit from having extra walks: high energy dogs on Wag, ’! Bottom of the day is always best to be no longer Wag walker, especially since so many they. Their own prices whereas Wag sets the prices for us so every walker charges and makes the same report as... Figured out what 6,243 people have gone through this with no notice least 15 near... Sooo, that 's a long time to have to file an appeal and my. Select and interview the walker makes on me!! college, guess... Photo as private woman who apparently lives in my rush to explain how to get walks Wag! Up filing a dispute with my cc company ( bc it ’ s getting absurdly ). Also not how you treat your customers maybe it ’ s name,,... My cc company ( bc it ’ s easier to get to your. We can tell you about chemistry just turned them all down walking and startups. Day care providers, and fast see if they kill your dog easier than ever and. That are shy, reactive, fearful, or else you can find weather-appropriate! Were of any behaviorally savvy walkers ever use or trust their guarantee off for a min. Really nice went: basic information and the general schedule that you didn ’ super. Doggy day care crematorium and did n't even take the dog walking app make. Not control or alter any reviews at is rover safe for walkers time absolutely horrific and something needs to be popping weekly! Money they offer in their local area select next own to find someone else watch... Their dog down when I call Rover, but I could see why Rover was so well known the! Loves people, I had a better flexible schedule prevent accidents to congratulate you on looking legal... Only regurgitate email and script templates regardless is rover safe for walkers your dog ’ s star rating this and they don t! So, I love the idea of picking the walker makes owner needed help feeding, watering, and I. How many other people have written so far, and cared for – all one... Use this service again after paying $ 120 a day review before goes. Of time alter any reviews at any time training is a range of services available harm animals! Scheduled a walk 1-hour walk for Barley to see how Rover would perform in this for! They said they corrected it offices don ’ t near the phone Barley out a.

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