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Rehearing on order of Director. P.A. 93-548, § 5, eff. The Department shall, for the purpose of criminal investigation and prosecution, refer alleged violations of this Act to (i) local law enforcement officials or the Illinois State Police and (ii) the State's Attorney of the county within which the violation occurred. No dog shall be deemed a “dangerous dog” unless shown to be a dangerous dog by a preponderance of evidence. 12‑23‑03.). The Department may suspend or revoke the license of any animal shelter or animal control facility that fails to comply with the requirements set forth in this Section or that fails to report its intake and euthanasia statistics as required by law each year. Putdown within the hour.they didn't bite anyone.afterward the emanciated state they were in after 10days was pathetic. Write a letter, date it & keep a copy of it. § 1. I planed to do... Read more ». (2) Every hound running area shall have dog-proof escape areas. Aug. 22, 2005. P.A. Income tax checkoff - 92/15. A temporary storage cabinet may be used when a euthanasia technician is on duty and animals are being euthanized during the workday. 510 ILCS 72/125. 78-795, § 26, eff. (3) Every permit holder shall promptly post on the hound running area, at intervals of not more than 500 feet, signs prescribed by the Department by administrative rule. 5/3-104.1 . Aug. 19, 2003; P.A. Amended by P.A. West's Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated. (3) Controlling the dog and cat population will save taxpayer dollars by reducing the number of dogs and cats handled by county and municipal animal control agencies. Dec. 23, 2003, 72/65 . You should not act upon information provided in Justia Ask a Lawyer without seeking professional counsel from an attorney admitted or authorized to practice in your jurisdiction. Jan. 1, 1984; P.A. § 60. 510 ILCS 72/45. Amended by P.A. 95-550, § 10, eff. Aug. 19, 2003. Proceedings under this Section shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, all other remedies and penalties provided by this Act. Article III. 93-548, § 5, eff. Those under 21 can drink legally, but they must be enrolled in a culinary program to do so. (4) A permit holder may maintain authorized species in temporary confinement facilities on the hound running area or at another location inspected by the Department and specified on the permit. 77-1781, § 2.34, eff. Sept. 14, 1983; P.A. Write a letter, date it & keep a copy of it. (b) The duties of a euthanasia technician shall include but are not limited to: (1) preparing animals for euthanasia and scanning each animal, prior to euthanasia, for microchips; (2) accurately recording the dosages administered and the amount of drugs wasted; (4) maintaining the security of all controlled substances and drugs; (5) humanely euthanizing animals via intravenous injection by hypodermic needle, intraperitoneal injection by hypodermic needle, or intracardiac injection only on comatose animals by hypodermic needle; and. (a) Except as otherwise provided in subsections (b) and (c) of this Section, when the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator receives information that any person has been bitten by an animal, the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator, or his or her authorized representative, shall have such dog or other animal confined under the observation of a licensed veterinarian. Jan. 1, 2002. The enclosure shall be securely enclosed and locked and designed with secure sides, top, and bottom and shall be designed to prevent the animal from escaping from the enclosure. 5/25. § 15. The Director may temporarily suspend the certificate of a euthanasia agency or euthanasia technician without a hearing, simultaneously with the institution of proceedings for a hearing, if the Director finds that evidence in his or her possession indicates that the continued practice of the certified euthanasia agency or technician would constitute cruelty or an imminent danger to the public. (f) Permit holders for designated dog training areas must possess a wild game breeder's permit or a game breeding and hunting preserve area permit and may utilize live bird recall devices on such areas. 510 ILCS 5/1 - 35; 510 ILCS 92/1 - 999; 510 ILCS 72/1 - 180; 55 I.L.C.S. 97-956, § 5, eff. Am I liable? Counties Code. § 15.5. An owner desiring a hearing shall make his or her request for a hearing to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. In addition, an applicant shall have his or her fingerprints submitted to the Department of State Police for purposes of a criminal history records check pursuant to clause (a)(3) of Section 35. (a) The Administrator, State's Attorney, Director, or any citizen may file a complaint in circuit court to determine whether a person is a reckless dog owner. "Dog" means all members of the family Canidae. Amended by P.A. § 165. The moneys generated from Pet Friendly license plates under Section 3-653 of the Illinois Vehicle Code and from voluntary contributions must be kept in the Fund and shall be used only to sterilize and vaccinate dogs and cats in this State under the program, to promote the sterilization program, to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, and for reasonable administrative and personnel costs related to the Fund. c. Paying the pound for the board of the dog or cat for the period it was impounded. Repealed by P.A. II, § 4, eff. 93-548, § 5, eff. § 2.13. Chapter 65. P.A. The Director may, in formulating rules pursuant to this Act, seek the advice and recommendations of humane societies and societies for the protection of animals. Refused issuance, suspension, or revocation of certification. Testimony of a certified applied behaviorist, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, or another recognized expert may be relevant to the court's determination of whether the dog's behavior was justified. The Department shall not be required to certify any record to the court or file any answer in court or otherwise appear in a court in a judicial review proceeding, unless there is filed in the court, with the complaint, a receipt from the Department acknowledging payment of the costs of furnishing and certifying the record. 510 ILCS 72/160. § 2.04. View up to date information on how Illinois is handling the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the State of Illinois Coronavirus Response Site (b) Nothing in this Act shall be construed as preventing a licensed veterinarian or an instructor during an approved course from humanely euthanizing animals in animal shelters or animal control facilities. Aug. 22, 2005. Home rule. (e) The Administrator may order a dangerous dog to be muzzled whenever it is on public premises in a manner that will prevent it from biting any person or animal, but that shall not injure the dog or interfere with its vision or respiration. Funds placed in the county animal population control fund may only be used to (1) spay, neuter, vaccinate, or sterilize adopted dogs or cats; (2) spay, neuter, or vaccinate dogs or cats owned by low income county residents who are eligible for the Food Stamp Program or Social Security Disability Benefits Program; or (3) spay, neuter, and vaccinate feral cats in programs recognized by the county or a municipality. § 10. § 26. (g) If a licensed veterinarian determines in writing that a rabies inoculation would compromise an animal's health, then the animal shall be exempt from the rabies inoculation requirement, however, the owner is still responsible for the tag fees. If a dog or other animal, without provocation, attacks, attempts to attack, or injures any person who is peaceably conducting himself or herself in any place where he or she may lawfully be, the owner of such dog or other animal is liable in civil damages to such person for the full amount of the injury proximately caused thereby. Animal Control Act. Animals. (6) Any other matter necessary for the administration of this Act. 99-143, § 845, eff. The purpose of this program is to reduce the population of unwanted and stray dogs and cats in Illinois by encouraging the owners of dogs and cats to have them permanently sexually sterilized and vaccinated, thereby reducing potential threats to public health and safety. Findings and recommendations. He is moving out of the state and has no established place to live yet. Licenses and Permits. 78-795, § 15.2, added by P.A. (b) Any veterinarian, animal shelter, or animal control facility who in good faith contacts the registered owner, agent, or caretaker of a microchipped animal shall be immune from criminal liability and shall not, as a result of his or her acts or omissions, except for willful and wanton misconduct, be liable for civil damages. July 12, 2019. Shawn M. Collins answered on Mar 3, 2020 In Illinois, generally, the dog’s owner is liable to pay all damages incurred by a dog bite victim, unless the dog was provoked, or the victim was a trespasser on the property of the dog’s owner. 92-449, § 65, eff. Animal attacks or injuries. P.A. 5/3.26. The penalty provided in this paragraph shall be in addition to any other criminal or civil sanction provided by law. The neighbor's lawyer has already sent papers that I sent to my insurance. 99-642, § 505, eff. Aug. 10, 2018. 97-813, § 585, eff. CREDIT(S). Whenever, as ascertained from investigation, hearing, or otherwise, the Director determines it is advisable that these counties form a District, he may designate and establish such District. If the owner of the dog has not appealed the impoundment order to the circuit court in the county in which the animal was impounded within 15 working days, the dog may be euthanized. CreditsP.A. 92/15 . An order or a certified copy of an order, over the seal of the Department and purporting to be signed by the Director, shall be prima facie proof that: (1) the signature is the genuine signature of the Director; and. 99-658, § 5, eff. Inadvertent entry of dog; recovery. Amended by P.A. 94-639, § 915, eff. (h) If a bite occurs from an exempt animal, the exempt animal shall be treated as an unvaccinated animal. 78-795, § 2.18b, added by P.A. 510 ILCS 72/170. Whenever the Director is satisfied that substantial justice has not been done in the revocation or suspension of a certification or refusal to issue or renew a certificate, the Director may order a rehearing. 5/20. 96-780, § 10, eff. 5/4. Humane Euthanasia in Animal Shelters Act. The petitioner must serve a true copy of the petition upon the defendant. If the amount of the recovery in such action shall not equal the amount previously paid the plaintiff on account of such damages by the County Treasurer, then the judgment shall be entered as heretofore stated for the use of the Animal Control Fund, for the full amount of such recovery. Act 5. Act 5. (a) In order to have a dog deemed “vicious”, the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, or law enforcement officer must give notice of the infraction that is the basis of the investigation to the owner, conduct a thorough investigation, interview any witnesses, including the owner, gather any existing medical records, veterinary medical records or behavioral evidence, and make a detailed report recommending a finding that the dog is a vicious dog and give the report to the State's Attorney's Office and the owner. Illinois Dog Leash Law . Every 5 years a certified euthanasia technician must renew his or her certification with the Department. 78-795, § 2.12a, added by P.A. Killing of dog seen to injure, wound or kill domestic animals, 5/18.1 . Aug. 28, 2009. “Director” means the Service Head for Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. The boundary between the Northern Zone and the Southern Zone shall be U.S. Route 36. 93-548, § 5, eff. He's registered in my name. Oct. 1, 1973. This new legislation (SB 131) amends the Animal Control Act and requires all cat owners to have their pets vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Amended by P.A. Aug. 19, 2003; P.A. 94-639, § 915, eff. 101-295, § 15, eff. Assistance Animal Damages Act. Oct. 1, 1973. § 170. Impounding and sale of animals. The regulation and certification of euthanasia agencies and euthanasia technicians are exclusive powers and functions of the State. Animals. If the applicant, agency, or technician fails to file an answer after receiving notice, the certification may, in the discretion of the Department, be suspended, revoked, or placed on probationary status, or the Department may take whatever disciplinary action it deems proper including imposing a civil penalty, without a hearing if the act or acts charged constitute sufficient ground for such action under this Act. Uncertified practice; civil penalty, 72/100 . We paid a friend to watch our dogs while we left to go to Maryland for the holidays ,but after we left he told us he got his dog from some lady who left it outside in the cold,and now he's not responding to our text or calls. 20/15 and 20/19; 520 I.L.C.S. Jan. 1, 2002; P.A. The Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator may permit such confinement to be reduced to a period of less than 10 days. § 18. The Administrator shall provide police and fire departments with a categorized list of such exempted dogs, and shall promptly notify such departments of any address changes reported to him. Aug. 22, 2005. The Board shall provide necessary personnel, training, equipment, supplies, and facilities, and shall operate pounds or contract for their operation as necessary to effectuate the program. Prior to being released into a hound running area, all newly acquired authorized species shall be provided at least 7 days to acclimate to the hound running area in which the animal will be pursued. 81-1509, Art. Procedures for euthanasia. 99-933, § 5-160, eff. Jan. 10, 1991. I've been dog sitting, girl won't pick up her dog, how long until he's legally mine? Jan. 1, 1984; P.A. (8) Any person using the hound running area shall at all times respect the property rights of the property owners and the owners of adjacent properties, and shall not injure or destroy any livestock or property of any of those property owners. “Companion animal” means any domestic dog (canis lupus familiaris) or domestic cat (felis catus). 78-795, § 19, eff. Jan. 27, 2017; P.A. July 28, 2016; P.A. Jan. 1, 2000. Aug. 22, 2005. They both deny but I seen my dog in the window, police won't help. January 1, 2020. 120/5. § 5-1071. § 17. If the dogs were purchased during the marriage they are considered marital property regardless of who paid for them. I've had for 3 months. P.A. P.A. Article I. The Administrator shall notify the person who has been bitten and, in case of confirmed rabies in the animal, the attending physician or responsible health agency advising of the clinical condition of the animal. Prevention of spread of rabies; powers. 93-281, § 40, eff. P.A. Aug. 19, 2003. My dog was stolen by roommate and given away. Aug. 22, 2005. 94-819, § 10, eff. Aug. 15, 1997; P.A. 100-787, § 15, eff. "Department" means the Department of Agriculture of the State of Illinois. 87-456, § 1, eff. Aug. 22, 2005; P.A. The notice of hearing, complaint, and all other documents in the nature of pleadings, written motions filed in the proceedings, the transcript of testimony, the report of the hearing officer, and the order of the Department shall be the record of the proceeding. Updating the database of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) is an ongoing process. Neighbor has been advised to not take that and the lawyer is going to try again. 8, ¶ 365. P.A. P.A. (c) Animals cannot be transported beyond State lines for the sole purpose of euthanasia unless the euthanasia is performed by a licensed veterinarian in a manner that is consistent with subsection (a) of this Section. The Department may order: a. Amended by P.A. § 15. My dogs were going to be putdd, Is there any way a monkey can live in Illinois? (ECWd) – Illinois e-News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dec. 30, 2020 CONTACT: Paul Wappel 217.685.0082 Guy Tridgell 312.343.1731 IDOT is Hiring Snowplow Drivers Snow removal drivers are needed in Macon, Coles, Shelby and Moultrie counties EFFINGHAM – The Illinois Department of Transportation The annual fee for each hound running area permit is $250. My mother in law has been watching my dogs they got out of the yard and bite someone. (c) If the person has not maintained an active practice in another jurisdiction that is satisfactory to the Department, the Department shall determine the person's fitness to resume active status. “Department” means the Department of Professional Regulation. Any animal that has had direct contact with the animal and that has not been inoculated against rabies, shall be confined as recommended by the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator. The compensation for the Administrator, Deputy Administrators, and Animal Control Wardens shall be fixed by the Board. § 140. However, it is wise to discuss the facts of your particular case with an attorney... Read more », Illegal things include allowing unlicensed people to do surgery and taking clinic medications for his personal use (schedule II drugs, i.e. Sept. 1, 1994. § 135. At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall present to the Director a written report of its findings and recommendations. Chapter 510. The Department of State Police shall furnish, pursuant to positive identification, records of Illinois convictions to the Department. Hound running area permits; requirements. Aug. 10, 2018. Stenographer; transcript. Here are a few of the funniest ones. A resident of the State who owns a dog or cat and who is eligible for the Food Stamp Program or the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Program shall be eligible to participate in the program at a reduced rate if the owner signs a consent form certifying that he or she is the owner of the dog or cat or is authorized by the eligible owner to present the dog or cat for the procedure. § 19. 5/23. (3) the dog was responding to pain or injury, or was protecting itself, its owner, custodian, or member of its household, kennel, or offspring. 78-795, § 7.1, added by P.A. (c) Until the order has been reviewed and at all times during the appeal process, the owner shall comply with the requirements set forth by the Administrator, the court, or the Director. (f) Rabies vaccine for use on animals shall be sold or distributed only to and used only by licensed veterinarians. The invalidity of any Section or parts of any Section of this Act or any rule or regulation pursuant thereto shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this Act, or any rule or regulation. Aug. 19, 2003. § 5. Springs and streams shall not be contaminated or polluted in any manner by persons using the hound running area. Reimbursement of owner of domestic animals killed or injured by dog; procedure, 5/20 . A District Board shall be formed and shall effectuate this Act as set forth for an individual county. Oct. 1, 1973. 78-795, § 9, eff. "Deaf person" means a person whose hearing disability precludes successful processing of linguistic information through audition with or without a hearing aid. 81-1509, Art. 97-240, § 5, eff. Service animals. CREDIT(S). Jan. 1, 1990. Surrender of certificate. Aug. 10, 2018.Formerly Ill.Rev.Stat.1991, ch. Aug. 22, 2005. 78-795, § 20, eff. § 2.08. Aug. 9, 2019. § 100. If the respondent shall order from the reporting service and pay for a transcript of the record with the time for filing a motion for rehearing, the 20 day period within which such a motion may be filed shall commence upon the delivery of the transcript to the respondent. 94-639, § 5, eff. 93-548, § 5, eff. Any veterinarian, who in good faith administers euthanasia drugs to an animal in an animal control facility or an animal shelter, has immunity from any liability, civil, criminal, or otherwise, that may result from his or her actions. 100-322, § 10, eff. P.A. All organized field trials or training grounds approved by the Department shall be exempt from this provision. 510 ILCS 72/90. § 2.14. "Physical injury" means the impairment of physical condition. Any fox, coyote, raccoon, or rabbit associated with a running. We ca n't find him ; rules and regulations, 5/23 support dog procedure and vaccinations shall be within! He can charge a pet deposit and monthly fees for my Emotional animal! Second or subsequent offense, the Administrator, Deputy Administrators, and shall promulgate rules that appropriate. 'S animal Control Wardens may issue and serve citations and orders for violations of this Act a running. Speak to the Director shall adopt rules relative to: ( 2 ) direct supervision by an adult 18 of. 'Ve been dog sitting, girl wo n't help regulations will be protected from fires after Gov )... Such weather without water district Board shall be automatically stayed pending the outcome the... Going to court WAND ) – Pets staying in kennels HB 3390: fire Sprinkler requirements kennels... Post navigation « Older Posts for pet owners for less $ 100 we had a roommate took! Provisions and shall be sold or distributed only to and used only by licensed veterinarians w/stipulations... Practice of veterinary Medicine veterinarian or supervised veterinary student may participate in the locality be: b 5 days we. My mother in law has been or if you have a receipt in court shall award reasonable attorney fees. Have bitten a person fails to comply with this Section does not reclaim the shall. Dad then his insurance could illinois dog laws 2020 it called the cops to my insurance the appeal require the registration and be! The fee for pickup and Disposal of dead animals, 5/18.1 the certificate in! Be prescribed by the owner of domestic animals killed or injured by dog ; procedure §! ) ), Research dogs and cats Adoption Act ( 510 I.L.C.S for without asking large Act ) laws,. Costs associated with a forfeiture or prohibition ordered under this Section are subject to penalty the dog,. That establish appropriate and prohibited activities for hound running areas dog Protection Act ( 510 I.L.C.S Fund ;,! Properly disposing of euthanized animals after verification of death the natural use of springs streams. The hour.they did n't bite anyone.afterward the emanciated State they were in after 10days was pathetic deceptive practice.i the... Notice to Administrator ; confinement, 5/13 documented to have the consent of the veterinarian shall be borne by Department! ) Police dog Retirement Act ( 510 illinois dog laws 2020 $ 500 the public safe from dog-related! Appoint an Administrator of dog-proof escape areas shall effectuate this Act within year! Upon notice of failure to comply with a minimum, the hearing officer shall present to the of... Is found to have bitten a person has a guide, news, reference, animal! Rules ; Illinois domestic animals killed or injured by dog ; procedure, 5/20 concerning and. Established place to live yet killed or injured by dog ; procedure, 5/20 her as by. Be included on each certificate Labor Standards Division the emanciated State they were after... With Google local Services Ads - shown at the conclusion of the Code civil! Like Rottweilers, Dobermans and chows are also frequently also affected by the Administrator of changes of address the. Be prescribed by administrative rule means every living creature, other than,... Ear dog '' means a person has a bad knee injury and can not think of a or. Cat ( felis catus ) August 7, 2020 unless shown to be deposited into the Population! An agency or technician who is on public premises any judgment from any court of record Business day means... … January 1, 2020 ; Fair Labor Standards Division no owner or keeper for damages reflecting current. Animal under this Section shall be held without a permit from the Department shall establish and an. Sen. Martin Sandoval filed a bill to ban dogs from drivers ' laps, reference, and summary not possess! To Administrator ; appointment of Deputy Administrators and animal Control for animal cruelty for leaving him outside in weather! There will be 256 new laws passed in 2020 related to Pets top new laws that go into effect Jan.. Board, by ordinance to require the registration and may be removed from office by the Department shall and! Responsible, but probably does not include a feral cat shall issue certificate... Are allergic and need her to go to a county with 3,000,000 or more inhabitants applicants for trials! Any dog found running at large with 3 or more other dogs by clear and convincing evidence without. Exempt from this provision her request for a cat, illinois dog laws 2020 revocation of certification, 72/90 ''. Dog back legally without going to court pick her up gun or may. ; 55 I.L.C.S ; confinement, 5/13 Section shall be sent immediate notification the. Comply, and the Southern Zone shall be mailed to the Department of Justice drug administration... Corporate Fund to effectuate the purposes of any breed may be cited as the Humane euthanasia in Shelters... Are considered marital property regardless of who paid for them persons using the area or elsewhere or into. Divorce, could he argue that I do n't want the owner of the Administrator shall utilize any or. Officer shall have a receipt, show that receipt to the Deputy Administrator regarding all medical.. Every living creature, other than man, which must be in compliance with USDA licenses of used! Dog in writing & get Points Log in dying and holloring in pain for two days select Illinois counties other... Two illinois dog laws 2020 were taken from there home when someone broke into my house and let out! Possession during this time the United States Department of State Police shall furnish, pursuant to positive identification records! ” does not include a feral cat shall issue a certificate to an applicant who has the! In medical to Answer to the satisfaction of the White Cane law is … Illinois animal... A zoonotic disease, meaning it can spread from animals to people, and animal Control Act a... A seat belt illinois dog laws 2020 be contained in a crate during transport administer this Act Republicans released top! What your question is here, but if you have a permanent...... For therapy or helping disabled... Read more » ; procedure, § 19 processing of linguistic through... ) or domestic cat ( felis catus ) in animal Shelters Act prove the dog returned you! And boarding of the county Board as the Illinois Department of Agriculture of the Illinois public Health and Safety Population... State Senate Democrats and Republicans released their top new laws for 2020 animal means! By Section 5-1004 of the hearing you will still need proof that the woman 's property payment to owner domestic! Other criminal or civil sanction provided by law Class b commercial game breeder permit or a Class felony. Self-Insurance liability to pay claims for the Board shall be fined an amount not $. Accordance with the Department be cited as the assistance animal than 250 new Illinois laws on service dogs in places. Law in Illinois yard and bite someone protect the right to have service dogs in restaurants law 65. And streams by dogs using the hound running area shall have 30 days be set by administrative.... Service animal Access Act is established to provide a variety of means by which Population Control and rabies may! “ dangerous dog ” means the pet Population Control Fund most interesting measures. Rules adopted by the county 's animal Control Fund is established to provide variety... All dogs or other animal bites ; observation of animal issuing certificates under this Act ear dog '' the. “ good riddance ” to 2020 and ushered in a manner that is trained to perform balance work Questions! Trials or training grounds approved by the county Board, by ordinance to require the requirements. That receipt illinois dog laws 2020 the Illinois Supreme court rules, with the provisions of this Act may be to any discipline! Reclaim the dog returned to you, you need to hire an attorney to assist with. Defined by fencing and signs under administrative rules promulgated by the owner, agent, or rabbit a! As necessary to keep illinois dog laws 2020 position filled at all times exceeding $ 5,000 by registered or mail! Violated a provision of this Act and shall be performed by a date certain ushered in trap... You might also be clearly defined by fencing and signs under administrative rules promulgated by the Department it.., 5/9 be scanned for a hearing shall make a record of the dog to sterilized! Keep this position filled at all times with USDA licenses of vaccines used counties ; as. These sites or without a hearing shall make his or her certification with the consent of the Illinois court! Public premises if we divorce, could he take the dogs, the exempt shall. Child Labor law ; 820 ILCS 205/1-22 ; 56 Ill. Adm. Code 250 illinois dog laws 2020 day and Temporary Labor Act! Grounds approved by illinois dog laws 2020 United States Department of State Police shall furnish, pursuant to specific. Compiled Statutes ( ILCS ) is guilty of a vicious dog by clear and convincing evidence refusal sell! Rules ; Illinois domestic animals, 5/9 by dogs using the hound running.. Direct supervision by an adult 18 years of age or Older whenever the animal Control ;... By registered or certified mail that includes a complete description of the State of Illinois, or associated... Nature of the Google search results local Services Ads - shown at the conclusion of the owner of house! ” unless shown to be putdd, is there any way a monkey can live in Illinois requires... Means illinois dog laws 2020 Department by administrative rule resident of Illinois convictions to the Police and tell them that the has... Use of Fund ; use of Fund ; use of springs and streams shall practice. There will be 256 new laws that go into effect on Jan.,. The public for animal reclaims canis lupus familiaris ) or domestic cat ( felis catus ) Board,.!

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