seattle waterfront project

In addition to a WSDOT renovation project at Colman Dock, depicted in a video from the Downtown Seattle Association, more than $700 million will be spent transforming the rest of the waterfront. Scope Summary - The project explored urban planning scale transportation, infrastructure, and land use issues as the first step to identifying potential private development opportunities aligned with and supportive of the City of Seattle’s Seattle Waterfront redevelopment. The Waterfront Seattle program is a collaboration between the Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects and other Seattle departments including the Mayor’s Office, SDOT, Planning and Development, and Parks and Recreation. When the North Surface Streets and Battery Street Tunnel work concludes, that previously long checklist will be down to just two: rebuilding Alaskan Way (the project overseen and managed by City of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront), and the South Access Surface Streets Connections project near Seattle’s stadiums. Waterfront Seattle is led and managed by the City of Seattle's Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects. This Office was established by Mayor Ed Murray in 2014 and brings together key staff from the Mayor's Office and the City's Departments of Transportation (SDOT), Planning and Development (DPD), Parks and Recreation, and others to manage the effort as an integrated team. To help fund its waterfront revamp, the city has created a Local Improvement District. Over the past year, things have been busy on Alaskan Way S! SEATTLE WATERFRONT LIVE VIEWS Octopus Cam operates only during daytime. In a separate project, the Seattle Aquarium is planning Ocean Pavilion, an expansion of the aquarium. To prepare for this transformation, the City of Seattle launched "Waterfront Seattle" - a multi-year program to plan, design, and ultimately build the new waterfront - working intensively with civic leaders, waterfront stakeholders, and the broader Seattle public. The plans for Seattle’s waterfront boulevard include dedicated bus lanes, but city officials now say they must study leaving them out. The Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects is building a new waterfront park for Seattle. See it embedded below or at this link. Friends of Waterfront Seattle PO Box 21272 Seattle, WA 98111 Phone: (206) 866-6817 A video from the Downtown Seattle Association shows what Seattle's waterfront might look like in the future. SEATTLE (AP) — A Seattle pier has received approval to reopen to the public after it was closed for months when a chunk of a nearby pier fell off into the water, clearing the way for the city to proceed with its downtown waterfront project, officials said. More Seattle Aquarium live video streams here. Pier 57 to reopen to the public, clearing the way for next steps on A virtual tour of the Seattle Waterfront redesign with Marshall Foster, the guy who’s in charge of getting the project done.

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