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One of the two domestic dogs that encountered the river otter was a puppy that had to be euthanized after the incident. “If you see one up close, they are so beautiful. Save up to 50% off home decor at Pier 1’s Blowout Sale. 'Ice volcanoes' erupt on a Lake Michigan beach:Here's what they look like. “I went out to look for it,” he said. The North American river otter, a member of the subfamily Lutrinae in the weasel family (Mustelidae), is equally versatile in the water and on land. NEW PORT RICHEY -- Heather Davis thought the dark brown otter was just playing with her dog Mike. “And it was thrashing around and trying to bite me,” she said. An expert explains the dangers Trump still poses in the dying days of his presidency. Otter attacks girl, dog in Florida home News. Islamabad's zoo closes, but its empty cages hold clues to animals'... A Texas woman flew on a private jet to storm the Capitol. While otters may look adorable, he says, do not mess with them. Casina Ewert, of Lakeland, had to fend off an aggressive otter that attacked her dog and 17-year-old daughter, WFLA-TV reported. “She goes into anaphylaxis shock, her throat closes and she turns white. "It's healing nicely. It was going to kill my dog and had already bitten my daughter,” Ewert said. A 14-year-old boy was killed by a family dog after an attack in the yard of their home near Battle Lake, Minnesota, the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office says. "I knew we had to immediately treat the rabies situation, I thought that might come up, so our first instinct was to go to the ER,” Casina Ewert said. Dustin Hooper of All Creatures Wildlife Control said that in all the years he has been trapping wildlife, he has never seen or heard of an otter attack. Presidents Day:In this town, one of America's least known presidents gets a parade. Kenny Brewer waded waist-deep into … District’s new fire chief aims to stay the course, but confronts challenges with pandemic, budget. An 80-pound lab mix fended off an attack by four of them in British Columbia in August. The 21-year-old, from Hamilton—a city on the North Island—was charged with owning a dog that causes serious injury/death after the newborn was mauled by a … “We just heard (Penny) crying as we were walking and we turned around to see her go under and pop up again crying.” Now, the family is less anxious about going outside, and Gwenyth has recovered well from the bite. Ewert said she teaches about otters in biology, but because of the commotion, she didn’t know immediately it was an otter until she had it by its tail. They also said otters can be vicious and people should not approach them. Like most wildlife, otters may be hostile when confronted. “It happened to my parents’ dog growing up,” Phillips said, “but I would absolutely be worried if I didn’t know how my dog was going to react or if it got in the water.” When she opened the door, Scooter ran inside, and an otter was chasing him. He will be quarantined for three or four months, Ewert said. The teen’s mother, biology teacher Casina Ewert, said she was awakened by her daughter’s screams and rushed to the kitchen. Sheriff’s officials say a 14-year-old boy found dead in Otter Tail County apparently was attacked by a dog, according to sheriff's officials. When he was riding in a golf cart on the Cleveland Heights Golf Course, an otter racing on the green was going faster than the cart, he said. The boy was found dead in the yard by Otter Tail Sheriff's Office deputies, near Battle Lake, after a dog attack has been identified as 14-year-old Deon Bush. A Lakeland family had an unusual brush with wildlife outside of their home in Lakeland after a river otter attacked their dog… The otter swam over to Mike, grabbed the dog and glided off. Beavers have attacked dogs at Anchorage's University Lake, but wildlife biologists said they were not aware of attacks by river otters. He already knew about the possibility of beaver and otter attacks in the area. Are Otters Dangerous to Humans? Otter breaks into Florida living room, attacks girl and dog. otter entered their home and attacked last week. Click to see full answer. BATTLE LAKE, Minn. (KVRR) – The Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office says a 14-year-old boy is dead after being attacked by his family’s dog near Battle Lake. Her daughter found out she was allergic to the rabies vaccine when she was bitten by a stray dog while doing mission work in Nicaragua. The mother grabbed the otter by its tail and held it up in the air. “That is when I looked at it and realized it was a crazy otter,” she said. by: FOX8 Digital Desk. Unusual otter attack kills dog A teenage girl watches as the animal grabs her pet, pulls him under the water and snaps at the foot of a would-be rescuer. But the story behind the scar is still a shock. Share Shares Copy Link. If an otter feels threatened, its heavy, muscular body and sharp claws are enough to overpower pets and small children. She said the dog walker ran into the ocean to wrestle Goldie away from the otters. Fernando Salazar The Wichita Eagle The immediate concern, she said, was rabies. Scooter suffered scratches on his face and several lacerations on his face and feet and was treated with a rabies booster. In the Sunshine State, you don’t often hear about aggressive river otters. Ted Cruz receives backlash after condolences for fallen officer, 'Trump said I could': One possible legal defense for accused rioters. Family dog attacks and kills Otter Tail County teen "He was so compassionate, sweet, funny, witty," Bush said. Mother wrestles river otter after daughter, dog attacked Christine Cruz LAKELAND, Fla. (WSVN) — An alarming attack sent a girl to the hospital with multiple bite marks from an otter. Wildlife officers said the otter killed a second dog in the neighborhood. “I was hoping to see it. She'd been bitten by an animal that attacked the family dog, Scooter. The sheriff's office at the time said he was "believed to have been attacked by the family dog." Family dog attacks and kills Otter Tail County teen "He was so compassionate, sweet, funny, witty," Bush said. A St. Petersburg couple is sounding the alarm after otters attacked their beloved dog. A Texas-based lawyer was identified as a participant in Wednesday's riot. It took three days and nights of searching, but the otter was found in a joint effort by the Polk County Sheriff's Office and Florida Fish and Wildlife. “If you observe any unusual behavior such as a river otter approaching pets or people, acting aggressively or to report a sighting, please contact the FWC at 888-404-3922.” Please wake up. The Ewert family describes it as a “crazy otter” that had to be wrestled and tossed from their home. Casina Ewert, of Lakeland, had to fend off an aggressive otter that attacked her dog and 17-year-old daughter, WFLA-TV reported. “While we are confident that the otter that was removed was most likely the otter involved in the incident, we can never be 100% sure,” he said. LAKELAND, Fla. – A  family and their dog are recovering after they say an otter entered their home and attacked last week. The LRMC (Lakeland Regional Medical Center) staff knew of her past reaction, and we took every precaution when giving the vaccine. She ran to the back door, threw the otter outside and slammed the door.

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