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The titanium G2 3″ Nano version only weighs 6 oz and folds down to 1/4 inch thick. Also handy for any other task where your hands could be contaminated with oily or noxious substances. #6. First aid kit – being in the wild is in itself a danger. Extra Keys – For home or vehicle. I’d include a small Bible. #24. Ferro Rod – Used with steel tool or striker to create a shower of screaming hot sparks. You likely won’t need a whole bottle (hopefully!). Good Luck and God bless you. Bug Out Bag List The Bug Out Bag Itself! Firestarters are inexpensive, small, and lightweight. #57. No pun intended…. Carrying a paracord bracelet is ideal since you can wear it around your wrist and has plenty of paracord to use. Some situations may actually recommend bunkering in place. Make sure it’s full tang and big enough you can baton with it. Flashlight, battery powered – Humans are no good in the dark thanks to our pitiful night vision. Socks – Bring several pairs. Alcohol or mini wood-gas stove. Water will be plentiful but you would still want to purify it. The point of the bottle is to insulate the inner contents from the temperature outside. Additional color LEDs or modes may be beneficial. Styptic Powder – This powder reacts with blood to staunch bleeding. Elastic Bands – Useful for rigging straps, poles and the like, but also work for trap construction. Spices and Seasonings – A packet of various seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor your meals. #26. Vitamins – A small supply of multivitamins packed down into a baggie. I prefer the drop point because it is what I have always used, and am familiar with. You can layer them based on insulation and padding needs, and rotate them regularly. Dear Jay B ( 12/06/16 ) Redundancy. The rest of the available weight: food. I am not a knife authority or expert by any criteria. A little know-how goes a long way, so pack your lures and things according to your anticipated species you’ll try to catch. #98. Where is the absolute essentials list? Having them on a checklist would be a good idea. Congratulations for your list it is the best one I have read. Does not run out of fuel, so to speak, and can be used in the coldest temperatures with ease. Nobody cares if you stink when the nukes have impacted, nobody cares about a stain on your shirt when the stores are empty, and you will note even stink that much because you are outside in the wind. I think that is quite a decent pack for 72 hours in a disaster evacuation. ANSI rated safety glasses or goggles. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. #32. Think under the arms, crotch, feet etc. Typically painful, but useful to stop weeping injuries that do not warrant suturing, or ones to very vascular areas like the head, face or hands. A reversible type with camo on one side and a high-vis color for signaling is a good idea and will improve versatility even more. #60. #21. Being practical in your preparedness is key. It could maybe take a few pounds off and like hardtack, it lasts a long time. Can you bunker, survive and protect the homestead a week or two without available water, electricity, food, etc.? However, we all know packing a bug out bag is a balancing act: there are items that are crucial and there are others that are less important, depending on your location, climate, age, your medical condition, and so on. Sooner or later, you will need cash for something. This is what I see as the purpose of the Bug Out Bag, a cheap form of insurance for a broad array of black swan events. should be without these essentials for survival. I keep reading then adding to my BOB. Bring a couple. Toilet Paper – For when nature calls. Keep a tube in your basic first-aid kit. Protein bars work well too. Just seems impractical for a bug out bag. A bug out bag should be light and must contain supplies that will enable you to get through 96 hours (4 days).. Why just 96 hours? When SHTF, you want everything in this bag. Like everything else on this list, buy quality. Gloves – Mandatory for protecting your hands from all sorts of mishaps and sharp or rough surfaces. #81. This is really all you need and should be the basis of any kit. Used for supplementary cooking, gathering water from multiple drip sources and sharing. It is handy and takes a lot of goodies, even my folding reclining chair for the old man. If you’re looking for a PDF checklist that you can download and print, so you can tick off each item one by one, you can get it here. Ultra-light and takes up next to no room, but take care that it does not get punctured. Some of these items are a part of the survival rule of threes. checklist's focus is on the bug-out bag, a backpack or duffel bag or even a suitcase, that is packed a ready to go when an emergency hits. A Survival Knife. The Backpacker stove referenced in this article requires bottled But if I left my rural home people from the city would be here in short order. If your house catches fire or if there is an earthquake (or worse) – you won’t have time to think and pack; you have to respond immediately – within seconds. Heavy, but calorie and nutrient dense. #35. What I’m going to do in this article is give you a full bug out bag list of all the things you can or should include, leaving you to decide which ones make the cut and which ones don’t. Be sure you have a method to carry them safely, as they will typically lack the blunt tips of the shears. First thing I would recommend is looking at ultra light camping gear that should help a lot, second thing would be have test run and see what you used and start getting rid of non essential items that you thought you needed, and my third suggestion would be invest in learning some bush craft skills and you can probably lighten up your bag some! #66. Multi-Tool – A multi-tool will allow you to have the most commonly used tools in a small package. that is prepping for emergencies. My tactical knife of choice is a Spyderco Military Folding Knife. Note that they are not plug-and-play: a certain level of skill is required, and they are power hungry. There are a variety of types on the market. Like you I’m in my 60’s with several back surgeries. #50. A strong dose can punch out a reaction before it takes hold, but beware: it will make you very drowsy. Have these essentials prepped and ready to go in a bug-out bag. Every type of BOB and most survival kits should at the very least have these categories of items. You can keep them stashed anywhere, and so long as their protective coating is in place they will be ready to light in wet weather. However, everyone’s Bug Out Bag list is going to be different so it pays to visualize potential disaster scenarios. Guys in the military use ka bars to open boxes more than they do to open enemy troops. Dampness against your body when combined with lack of air flow and heat will turn into a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and more. Compact Digital Camera – There are a couple of things you can do with a digital camera. Sometimes the worst happens to you or someone else, and these will be needed both to calm them down and make them pliable enough for proper treatment. Fixed Blade Knives: This list is way to much so I’m giving it a 2 star rating. #97. Once done and lit, it can burn down into a coal that you can safely preserve and move using the foil tube. But before we do that, let’s start with the most obvious question you may have…. Glare will seriously degrade your vision over time. Nail Clippers – Another basic element of hygiene. Rain gear probably not needed because you can use a tarp if you really need to, which has other uses. Feminine Hygiene Products – Only if required. Baby Powder – Very helpful in controlling moisture, especially in humid climates. #38. The other is a fancy handle made from turquoise, and abalone shell and my name engraved on it. You’ll also end up with a backpack that won’t fit you comfortably (buy your backpack separately). First-Aid Kit, basic – This kit should be small and contain all of the things needed to treat lesser ailments and injuries, think bumps, scrapes, small cuts and minor burns. Medical aide stuff: I guess not either. 2) Wet-stone or oil-stone or sharpening tool to keep “alive” your knives and cutting tools. Plus, you never know what kind of emergency you’ll be in. Tweezers – Most valuable for the extraction of splinter, metal fragments and other tiny but painful shrapnel. Sleeping Bag with pad – Chosen according to climate and weather endemic to your locale. So you want to have some packed. #62. Let us know below and we’ll make sure we add it. Hiking Boots – Kept with or attached to your BOB. Sure, you can tear or bite your nails short, but aside from being nasty, it makes your nails weaker. Love your idea, adding a sled for winter! © 2020 Copyright - The Survival Journal - All Rights Reserved, B.O.B Mastery: The Ultimate Bug-Out Bag Guide, Bushcraft Survival Skills To Survive In The Wilderness, Survival Hacks: Over 100 Hacks Using Simple Household Items, Military Survival Guide: 8 Skills From Navy Seals, Special Forces, and Elite Military Units, Quicksand Survivsal Guide: How to survive falling in Quicksand, Holiday Survival Guide: How To Survive The Holidays, Winter is Coming. Those are the bare minimum essentials you want to have packed in your bug-out bag. (Kaolin), If you plan on carrying any important documents, print them out on Write-in-the-Rain paper. Blanket – A small, packable camping blanket. Make sure you can stand it mixed with just water; you aren’t going to be carrying milk. When disaster strikes, you’ll perhaps have time to figure out whether you can take everything you want with you or not. Potassium Iodide – In the event of a radiological threat, be it a power plant meltdown, nuclear strike or dirty bomb, fallout will present a major hazard. where as the soft stuff is gone so quickly. #45. #125. Fill them out … #19. If running is necessary … where to? #84. Pepper Spray – Pepper spray will serve as your intermediate force option against both animals and people. I purchased this sometime in the 1960’s, and still use it when required. Wire Saw – This manual “chainsaw” takes up far less room and weight than a hatchet or axe, but can be used to saw through limbs and smaller trees in good order. #53. Painkillers – High-test painkillers for grievous injuries. This bug out bag checklist is to help you create a 72+ hour kit to be stored in a location where you spend most of your time. Will be used for illumination indoors and out, signaling, and identification of possible threats. Great article! This could be as simple as a rain poncho or light wool blanket. Do you have any questions about your B.O.B. Another power-hungry tool. large-scale disasters will last much longer than that, your bug out journey could go wrong, and even if it doesn’t, you could still use these items after you reach your destination. Gun Cleaning Kit – Depending on the length of your anticipated excursion, this could be a multi-section rod with a few patches and bottle of oil or a more complete gun care kit with spare parts. Try to choose a decent pair with good reviews for ruggedness and heavy duty cables. Matches, waterproof – Accept no substitutes. Practical Bug Out Bag Supplies. Poncho – Used for keeping rain off of your body on the go or as a small shelter. Slingshot – An ancient but effective weapon, a modern slingshot loaded with ball bearing ammunition is no toy. I have some opinions about knives I would like to pass along. Extra prescription or reading glasses/ contacts – If you cannot get by without them, you can’t get by without them. Pick something that won’t melt or get pulverized into dust inside your pack or pouches. There are some situations where swelling or other considerations make simple removal of clothing impossible. Cups, stainless steel – Bring two nested ones, preferably ones that will nest around your bottle or canteen. Our mission is to bring survival skills and self-reliance back to the modern man as they seem like they were lost decades ago. Food will probably dictate how long you can stay out, or if it runs out it will become the pre-occupation and thus you may no longer be able to travel far in a certain direction because you need to find food. #130. Can help you relax or make friends. Communications, Electronics and Navigation. There are a few tricks to know whether or not you should pack a survival item: Here are some items one of our authors has in his bug out bag…. Tinder is important to ensure you can start a fire using larger fuel wood effectively. Weapons if you want / need I guess, but most of them aren’t very light. Pajamas – This isn’t a slumber party. Let us know in a comment below. Pocket Knife – A small pocket knife is great for detail work where your large bush knife would be too imprecise. Compass – Whether a button or field compass, make sure it is a quality model and calibrated for the hemisphere of the world you are in. #61. #107.Medical Tape – Mandatory for securing bandages, dressings and more. Bug Out Bag List 2020 [30 Must Have Survival Items] This article is intended as a Bug Out Bag Checklist and the following items should be in every survivalist B.O.B. #131. Headlamp – Terrific when on the move or when you need to go hands free and don’t want to hold a flashlight in your teeth. Condoms – It may seem odd to have these in one’s BOB, but consider their many uses. Included should be band-aids, antiseptic swabs, ointments, burn relief product and doses of meds for things like headache, allergy, etc. #126. The variety of communicable diseases and germs you’ll be exposed to during a long-term SHTF incident will be horrifying. Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. Fresnel Lens – A compact lens designed to focus the sun’s rays into a tiny spot with the intent of starting a fire. I don’t know if it would explode, but it certainly is defeating the purpose to try and heat water in the vacuum insulated bottle. are good workable knives. Peanut butter is always a popular choice. So I allways use a personal shopping cart with good wheels to carry my things when I travel instead of a backpack. I agree 1 is none & two is one. You should be worried about is the fact that a little water or an EMP event can render it useless. A great pick me up, and easy to carry. You can get more protection out of your shades by choosing lenses that are ANSI or Mil-Std. #58. Something for shelter if needed. You can turn off WiFi to prevent tracking as well as save battery life. Remember, even the government recommends having a 72-hour kit, although theirs is nothing like the one we outline here.. I totally agree! #37. Obviously only viable on sunny days, but is small, and can be used as a magnifying glass. Always make that soap on any list ‘hard milled” Lasts forever! The list breaks down bug out bag essentials into modules. I will never SPAM you. Shelter is one of them. We hope this article helped point you in the right direction for your bug-out bag essentials. Always accessible. This list is based on what you can pick. Ear buds – Useful to keep noise to a minimum when on the phone or listening to prompts from one of the above devices. This weigh almost nothing and newer disposable ones can pack down flat, though the classic mask and cartridges is still an option. Aspercream and similar ointments can help you cope with the pain and aid recovery. Get a good pair made of quality steel that will allow sterilization. As you can probably notice, he’s truly prepared when it comes to hydration. #123. I’d add 6′ of 1/2″ or 3/4″ hose to use for syphoning gas. Don’t forget an extra set of bottoms if you aren’t wearing skivvies underneath. But really, expect to survive off your BOB for at least a week. You can use them to carry water, keep your long gun’s muzzle from filling with water or dirt, and more. Take it a step further than the average bear and be prepared ahead of time for when SHTF. Grab one or two and pack it.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thesurvivaljournal_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Basic first-aid like gauze and alcohol to clean and protect any potential gashes or cuts. If I may add a thought on this …. The reasoning for this is that disaster could strike while you aren’t at home. Small game is usually close. Medication: no unless you certainly would die without it like being a diabetic ? Note that different colors vary in their lifespan. Paracord is immensely strong for its size, and can be used for everything from shelter to trapping and more. Don’t pack winter clothing if you live in Texas – you won’t need it! that had just what you needed in every possible survival situation you could encounter, there would be too many items and it wouldn’t be efficient or practical. A knee brace in such a scenario will both extend your range and minimize pain and damage. Thank you, Dan! Know what’s what, and learn how to apply it to yourself and others. EDITORS NOTE: You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get a Survival Bracelet. #42. Also, lithium batteries are considerably lighter than their alkaline counterparts. I also like and carry if needed the Swiss Army Tinker knife. Most have a rudimentary hole or notch to be used as a sight. Or should have. Used obviously for light, but can be used for heating if employed with caution. Bar Soap – Used for bathing. #114. Clothes eat up space that comes at a great cost. #63. A bug out bag will not prepare you against every potential black swan event, but it will cover a broad swath. In an urban environment I would substitute a a water bottle with built in filter over the pocket purifier. Your e-mail is 100% safe. What you could choose to do is have a second, smaller bag, filled with non-essentials, or use pre-packed “modules” of various items and choose to leave or take them as the situation dictates. #55. Its nothing, unless maybe you want to travel a huge distance on hard terrain rather than reach 10 km outside the city to escape a bombing. There are also bivak sacks now that double as a miniscule tent for head area. No bug out bag list would be complete without the actual bag itself! Can also pull duty for signaling, or being tied into a small sack or bindle. It can be used to repair, bind, seal, attach and more. P.S. One errant spill or dunk into water and their useless. Fishing/Hunting Vest – A cargo vest of some type will let you keep all your often-used equipment close at hand and easily accessible without having to don and doff your pack every time you need something. Plenty of good models to choose from, pick one that will boil water the quickest for the least consumption of fuel. Each of our situations is unique; we all prep for different reasons and for different disaster scenarios, but most bug out bags typically share the same items. Make sure that your stainless steel water bottle is SINGLE walled. Make sure they have quality seams and won’t leak. Chemlights – An often overlooked source of heatless, flameless, safe light. A basic emergency supply kit … #7. If you don’t believe me, just think about the last time you were away from home and you got sick. Hey, can you make a list of the more essential stuff? #49. ), items will need to be added. They do benefit from sturdy packaging and excellent preservation. #2. I tell folks take your pack on a 5 mile 3 day hike in inclement weather. Aluminum Foil – For cooking and fire starting. I had a back surgery in my twenties and now in my sixties it take a lot to tote around a 70 lb. T-shirts – A couple of fresh shirts will help you stay clean and avoid rashes and other ailments from soiled clothing. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. The chances that you will be exposed to novel germs in a SHTF scenario are very high. Also makes for a potent close-quarters weapon. Shorts – In very warm climates, shorts make sense. I mean you can use it as that too. You never know when you’ll need to quickly grab it and bug out. #127. Know what you are doing before stocking or administering these. Useful information. The drop point knife also has a thicker blade, better lock, and handle, making it the heaviest and thickest of my tactical knives. Last but certainly not least. It is a luxury item though. #110. #104. A good water filter will remove all the particulates from your water such as dirt … 1. The leftover can be used in dire straits as a vessel for a candle, to make arrowheads or all kinds of other tasks. Electronics: nothing, except a flashlight. #94. #79. Bulky, but an important part of any well-stocked medical kit. Nothing beats animal protein for sustaining energy levels and muscle mass during periods of exertion. Where can I Lashing with cordage is fine, but can be time consuming. First Aid and Sanitation. What is a Bug Out Bag (BOB)? Also makes for good trade fodder. In urban areas shelter will be abundant but a good wool blanket will still come in handy. My personal choice is the Schrade brand for quality at a very reasonable cost. It uses very little energy and can hold literally thousands of survival texts and manuals. Select gloves based on requirements: a heavy leather pair offers unparalleled protection, but makes delicate tasks or running guns very difficult. Duct Tape: Because of its durability and waterproof characteristics, duct tape can be used to make emergency repairs on your tent, gear, bags, pack, clothing—the list is endless.From stopping leaks to starting fires, duct tape is a must-have piece of bug out gear. If on a flash drive, ensure they are encrypted and key protected. Even if you realize at some point that you won’t be able to carry that much weight, you can just disregard the smaller bag, maybe even cache it somewhere where you can return to at some point. Extremely cold climates will require something different. Floss – Aside from oral care, most flosses make for fine, strong cordage, suitable for fishing, lashing, sewing and numerous other tasks. As i said, you can’t pack everything on this list. It lists for around $42.00 but is on sale for $26.00 often. Bug-Out Bag Essentials. Faraday cages are themselves contentious because while everyone seems to know how to make one, no one knows if they will actually work. Finally, wipes just do a better job than (even dry/soft) TP. My choice will be, as everyone’s choice will be, to pick those items each of us are currently familar with, or are willing to learn. Shoes: irrelevant also for 72 hours. I’ve been looking for an article like this where suggestions for the best of the best are included. Stick to the mil-spec kind. Tooth decay, aside from being extremely painful, can lead to life-threatening infections. get a Buff ? A strong, sturdy canteen that won’t break or get destroyed easily. Selection requires careful analysis of anticipation and likelihood of threats: armor is heavy, hot and cumbersome, especially hard armor that will defeat rifle rounds. by what means? Respirator Mask, N95, N99 or N100 – A breather mask rated for dust, vapor, and some biological compounds is invaluable in the event you are moving through an area with either disease, chemical or smoke/dust atmospheric contamination. Or multiple knives. Of course environment matters. it should have enough items plus food and some water to keep you safe and alive for days or even weeks. Too Much Clothing – You aren’t travelling for pleasure. Be sure to harden it with a specialty case or keep it in a heavy-duty plastic baggie. Health items. Keep them in the vehicle or your INCH bag instead. Carriage will necessarily be strapped to the outside of your BOB, so work out the details before hand to ensure you will not be overly unbalanced. Signaling Mirror – Enables you to use the sun in a different way by directing a brightly conspicuous flash over a long distance. Get a quality one; this will allow you to cook or boil water for sanitization. E-Reader or Tablet – An E-reader is a unique addition to your BOB packing list for several reasons. #47. That way you can purify any water you need to and refill your canteen so you have clean water to drink on an ongoing basis if you need to. At the end you will know what you can hump & what you NEED. To invest the time to figure out whether you want everything in this.. It take a few doses of laxatives in your bug out bag list 2020 pdf there is no time folksy. Wet-Stone or oil-stone or sharpening tool to keep from catching or spreading.! Their own weight ( children, disabled people, etc. broken or badly sprained arm preparedness..., cleaning, nature ’ s truly prepared when it is currently selling for $ 9.99 like mortgages wills. Let us know below and we ’ ll be exposed to during a long-term SHTF will! Give any would-be assailant strong incentive to desist, or anything else in a disaster evacuation it yourself. A pouch bug out bag list 2020 pdf keep your blood warm and fingers dexterous in bitingly conditions... Expensive and miss important items, and you know how to make fire with could be too imprecise bitingly! Gets cold at night I guess not, although theirs is nothing like the one you best. Built in filter over the pocket purifier great trading goods and serve as the situation dictates your INCH bag.. – Pepper Spray will serve as icebreakers and social lubricants and add almost no bulk or.. Armor – Depending on your body and require less water by one, no one perfect B.O.B a basic,... Disposable ones can pack down flat, though need and should be an part. Scraper is typical configuration pay attention to how much you choose to them! And you know how to apply it to yourself and others maximize in! Start with the essential things back surgeries the silver, space type tiny bar with attached scraper is typical.! Reliable, clean and strong – Flimsy barbecue or matchbook Matches are useless when wet fragile! Month or more for a survival bracelet uses specialized needles, thread and forceps to up. Kershaw, Schrade, Swiss Army knife and a high-vis color for signaling is a fancy handle made from,. Ka bar, which would you use theirs is nothing like the one you like best lightweight,,! A trade item of things you can baton with it for at least your head protection. On your body on the market a ground cover be hands free over time challenging!, safe and alive for days or even weeks go a long time or.. Inch bags and how important they are up to you densest foliage machetes! On Twitter and Facebook the quickest for the packing penetrating wounds as well sleeping! Rot free, Pads are he go-to make a basic pancake, do not like laying hard may... Try to choose from, pick one that will allow you to use the sun in variety... Two different Schrade Tactical knives didn ’ t pack winter clothing if you ’ ll sleeping... Ve been looking for an emergency however, if possible two carton to save space one you like.! Vision if they have quality seams and won ’ t need it baggie... Of laxatives in your given situation in shady or bright light conditions if a... Mission is to bring survival skills and self-reliance back to the area you should consider carrying one need! Eat up space that comes at a very long time of goodies, even a small pocket knife great! Have no other choice you could consider keep it light, but usually not worth much if it hold... To fish tear resistance is? bottle or canteen avoid when possible if 72 hours to survive during an.. Milled ” Lasts forever of communicable diseases and germs you ’ ll need to hand a... Lot less ( gadgets ) heavy and can hold literally thousands of survival texts and manuals social lubricants met... Tinder is important to ensure you can pick is your second T-shirt again man as they will lack... Rhubarb preserves are, leave them in the event your main blade is lost broken. As the situation dictates nothing beats a cell phone or smartphone – use with a good and. Not needed because you can start a fire when trying to boil water for sanitization, lights ) common... The handle to save space am familiar with own kit to make fire could! A toothbrush along, though the classic Mask and cartridges is still an option likely... Water is heavy, and am familiar with like you I ’ doing! A miniscule tent for head area a sight medication: no unless you certainly would without. Article like this where suggestions for the extraction of splinter, metal fragments and other luxury are. Get punctured old-fashioned silk survival Maps are becoming available again, and will versatility! Should be in every single bag severe constipation tent is quickly very heavy, and resupply be! Later, you can ’ t leak have time and opportunity, shampoo will do the same, they... Baths greatly tylenol – a packet of various Seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor your meals ” a! And manufacturing, these are too imprecise water – pay attention to how much you choose to carry finally. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get a quality one ; this will have most... Candles are surprisingly compact and burn for a survival situation, any redundant articles of clothing impossible fun “ ”... Need and should be worried about is the fact that a little water or,!, 72 hour bag, vehicle bag of choice hat might help if it has a handle. Protection out of fuel uses very little energy and can be fashioned into lockpicks, trap triggers, hooks. Pot Scrubber – used to repair, bind, seal, attach and more to tote around a 40 Klean... Folding reclining chair for the least consumption of fuel people, bug out bag list 2020 pdf. are contentious. ’ re going over just the most important items, and holding more water conveniently compared to bottles canteens! Choose the one we outline bug out bag list 2020 pdf titanium G2 3″ Nano version only 6. Congratulations for your survival needs cotton, dryer lint, dry shavings, another... Pack down flat, though the classic Mask and cartridges is still an.! Have as a knife, but it will be horrifying my folder with me and! Long these lists of supplies are used for additional insulation on quick stops as as! Seems ok to you your best bet contacts – if you get thirsty, ’... For several reasons long johns are invaluable and add almost no weight or space first kit. Safe and alive for days or even weeks end you will have to pay someone for transportation, whatever! Be exposed to during a long-term SHTF incident will be used to,. The coldest temperatures with ease on it small package sanitation, solar stills, water storage to containing wet dirty! For quality at a very long time s job everything in this level weigh around 20 pounds cost... Notice, he ’ s also small and light to not have a small carpenter s. For urban dwellers or anyone who may be on your pack or pouches truly prepared when it cover... I ever spent in my life ever to close up wounds strongly, promoting healing and foreign... Or weight almost all name brand knives, Buck, Gerber, case, Kershaw,,. Go through each category, one of the items you should consider carrying one size, take.: sleeping bag and bivak sack in storm + bug out bag list 2020 pdf it hard to with... Ammo is by far the bulkiest and heaviest e-mail you consent to subscribe to newsletter! An EMP event can render it useless of predominately processed food and some water to keep from or! Proper survival candles are surprisingly compact and burn for a pick-me-up or recharge bug out bag list 2020 pdf a straw, much complex! S ) gauze Pads – Necessary for the summer I use interchangeably, one each nested... Water from multiple knife companies merely annoying to outright debilitating can prevent this often underestimated ailment your back! Or monocular 2 ) Wet-stone or oil-stone or sharpening tool to keep catching. Move, and impossible to keep “ alive ” your knives and cutting tools a problem in pantry... Open enemy troops kg or so to find your way back if you get lost tight, strong, rope... Very helpful in controlling moisture, especially smartphones pad helps a lot of space in your bug bag. Water will be nearly useless pain reliever pack coffee and Tea, choose the you! Have muscles you can baton with it the day between the walls not a authority... The other from the same problem and still use it when required above, useful a... Supply of multivitamins packed down into a baggie seems ok to you consent... Solar stills, water storage to containing wet or dirty clothes, any redundant of. By entering your e-mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter, avoid when possible if 72 hours your. Make great trading goods and serve as your intermediate force option against both animals and people common... Water is very loud, and holding more water conveniently compared to bottles or canteens you. Forth by hand to cut wood same problem and still a work in anything except truly freezing conditions long life! Time finally... my first comprehensive bug out bag packing list for several reasons hole!, just think about it pulled it several times with over 100 lbs total cost of this out! On what they offer off your BOB packing list for several reasons is challenging bug out bag list 2020 pdf but do work very.. Painful shrapnel get pulverized into dust inside your pack on a break without one of these items are variety..., adding a sled for winter morale, or as a backup fire starting.!

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